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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Adding things in - not taking them out!

Wednesday 13th January 2021
Be the person you want to have in your life. 

My stats as of today

I started at - 200lb
I wanna weigh - 165lb
I plan to lose - 35lb / 17.5% of my body weight.
The scales 5/1/21 - 192lb
I've already lost - 8lb 
Yesterday I stepped 10,593 times 
I covered 4.5 miles 
I burned 2350 calories  
I consumed 2069 calories

I was active for 77minutes 

I slept 6 hours 

#walk1000miles challenge - Total YTD = 51.08 left to walk = 948.92

My 3 good things yesterday were;

1) Making the time to meditate and move more. 

2) Supporting Gail on her appointment and having a lovely chat with all the people I spoke to yesterday.  Hearing a customer signing up say 'It's a no brainer' and knowing she's right because the customers I've signed have all been happy with it and given me great feedback. 

3) Being able to get mom back to sleep after I found her escaping the house at midnight! 

Yep that got me out of bed quickly, I'd forgot to lock the front door and put the key somewhere that's not so easy for her to find, after her cracking sleep the night before, she's not had such a good night, she woke up once looking for Anne as she'd obviously been dreaming and thought Anne was knocking the door locked out, then when I got downstairs to her at midnight she'd opened the front door and porch door and was telling me we needed to help Anne.  Thankfully she believed me when I said she was okay and I got her back to sleep although she wouldn't go back to bed.  She's like a bloody ninja sometimes, she got down those stairs svelty before I was aware! 

That was the only drama yesterday thankfully, the rest of the day was spent, signing up customers and supporting members of my team, I'm loving being able to interact with people again, we may not be able to be together in person but chatting is the next best thing.  Building myself a team too also means I've got a reason to talk to others, which is what we all need, we're social beings!  

Food wise, well it was a busy day which helps to distract me from eating too much, but I did still eat well, these were my meals; 

Started with salmon, spinach, egg and a slice of bread, that satisfied me for a good few hours. 

I wasn't keen on this big soup flavour at all

This was alright, Alfie ate my carrots, little shih tzu and some of the gammon, I only bought that because it was on offer for £250, next time I'd buy a gammon steak for a quid because I'm sure it would've been bigger! 

  I snacked on some seafood sticks too, they're too easy to eat another and another so I won't be buying them again, although they're better for me than a Mars Bar I guess!

I'm really enjoying the walking, especially as it's convenient with mom, I've done this morning's walk in the kitchen with my earphones in so as not to disturb mom, this one was great, I really enjoyed it.  Alfie also took me for two walks again yesterday. 

What's helping is instead of thinking about what I need to cut out of my diet, I'm thinking about what I can add to my life to benefit me so this month already that's the mile morning walk and the 5 minute meditation, plus the tracking and accountability thing I put at the beginning of the blog is really helping.  It's reminding me to do these things. 

I spent some time looking at my car insurance yesterday, ridiculous that I can save almost £400 by switching - of course I will be doing!  Just to decide who to go with.

Right here's to another positive day, I'm going to make use of the time I'm spending sat to mom, I'd love to catch up with some of you and see how you're doing, show you what I'm doing, show you my business and how it works (no pressure, no obligation), I've signed up 3 partners this week who need to earn money and can see the opportunity in it, I'm looking forward to helping them pay those bills I've just saved them money on.  This business isn't just saving me money and making me money, if you regularly read my blogs, you have to be able to tell the difference in my mood, I'm so much more positive than I have been in such a long time and that's because of the support and motivation being given to me by my mentor and the team around me.  Right I'm shut up now ;) 

Time to get another cuppa, get stuff down, make things happen!  Good things don't just land in your lap, you have to play your part. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx 

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