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Sunday, 10 January 2021

Easy like a Sunday morning....

Sunday 10th January 2020
Bravery is believing in yourself!

My stats as of today

I started at - 200lb
I wanna weigh - 165lb
I plan to lose - 35lb / 17.5% of my body weight.
The scales 5/1/21 - 192lb
I've already lost - 8lb 
Yesterday I stepped 8,365 times 
I covered 3.9 miles 
I burned 2234 calories  
I consumed 1849 calories

I was active for 52 minutes 

I slept 7 hours 45 mins

#walk1000miles challenge - Total YTD = 36.52 left to walk = 963.48

My 3 good things yesterday were;

1) Lamb Grillsteaks - I know food again, but I've not had them in forever!

2) Help Elle save money on her bills and saving her loads of money ;)

3) Catching up with friends on zoom, love my tribe I do x

Good morning, check me out, I've already done my 15m mile, keeping it simple for now because I want to walk before I can run (get it) seriously though, my body is hurting - my joints, muscles, my feet and knees struggle when I get up if I sit too long, everything siezes, so I want to be gentle on them and this video was super easy and quickly over and it make me sweat just enough for my liking; 


My breakfast was truly random yesterday and way too much I'll admit, I'd hardboiled some eggs and Alfie had the yolks, as I'm trying to to waste food I decided to have the whites with my avocado for breakfast, now you can only see the sandwich but I ate all the leftover mixture too, a whopping 574 calories - OUCH but it did keep me going till around 3pm, so not so bad.

Then I had this plate of loveliness, 2 minted lamb steaks (Alfie got half of one though) with leftover potato slices and veggies. 

These steaks cost £2, Per Grill Steak they're 152 Calories 5 Smart Points

I did have lobster hands later on but managed to stay before 2,000 calories for the day, my mission is to use more than I consume, work that old calorie deficit and hopefully get that weight loss to help my joints and my heart and my all round health.

I'm taking this time every morning for me, it's really helping to focus me for the day, I know we're only on the 10th January but trust me in years gone by, I've already fell off the New Years weight loss wagon or not really been enjoying it because I was too busy and had too much to do.

Alfie and I managed a short walk, then a longer one and mom was okay with me going out twice which is always a bonus, Anne came round to keep her company and she had a pretty good day all round which always makes life better.  I've got a busy morning, I'm on a UW Zoom conference thing for 3 hours from half ten which I'm really looking forward to, they're such a motivating business, they really promote personal development and self care, it's refreshing.  I'm listen to my audiobooks when I walk Alfie so they've suggested a couple of books to add to my reading list.  I recieved one in the post yesterday too, an autobiography by Katerine Grainger, I've got a zoom  medium-intensity class with her next Saturday - EEK!  I hope we can have our cameras off lol and she doesn't kill me, I'm not sure I'm up for medium-intensity yet ;) but I'll give it a go.

Smoked Haddock risotto today, mainly because it's use by date is 10th, I might have a full english, healthier style, if I can walk dog and have that before the zoom, if not I might have it after the zoom at 1.30 and just have something light for brekkie, we'll see.  Alfie's snoozing on his bed so he's in no rush to go anywhere!

I've got stuff to get done before the zoom, so I better get going, don't forget if you want a UW appointment to give me a shout, or if you're interested in earning a bit of extra cash, come work in my team, I've got my bestie doing just that tomorrow, why get the £50 referral fees when she can earn a wage for those people instead - #nobrainer.

I'm going now honest, I need another cuppa, I'm gonna tidy the living room before mom wakes up, it's a bit of a mess and it'll burn a few more calories, might even go as far as cleaning the kitchen too. 

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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