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Thursday, 7 January 2021

Cold this morning - heating on for sure!

Thursday 7th January 2020
The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

Here's my up to date stats; 

I started at - 200lb
I wanna weigh - 165lb
I plan to lose - 35lb / 17.5% of my body weight.
The scales 5/1/21 - 192lb
I've already lost - 8lb 
Yesterday I stepped 18,590 times 
I covered 7.91 miles 
I burned 2,718 calories  
I consumed 2,306 calories

I was active for 148 minutes 
Sleep 7 hours broken up into two parts with 2 hours awake in the middle of the night! 

Yep, mom woke at half 12 and I managed to get her back to bed and she fell back to sleep but I was awake for a couple of hours, my brain working over time with things I should've done the day before and I'd forgotten and things I needed to do and blah blah blah, in the end I put something to listen to on and it bored me to sleep thankfully, weird dreams followed.  

Yesterday was a good day, had a lovely walk with Lucy, was great to catch up even if we did nearly end up on our backsides a few times!  Slippy out there lol, but I loved being out the fresh air, the chat, the scenery and the birds, a big bonus was the fact it's good for me and burned calories.  

It did give me an appetite though, I ate more yesterday but was still aware of what I was eating; 

I enjoyed this a lot, I'm not a fan of tomato based food but now and again I fancy tomatoes, I'm going to work on changing my tastebuds because they were delicious.

This is a Charlie Bigham's lasagne for one, it was on offer and it was tasty but not a patch on my sisters and not worth £4.75 which is it's full price!  

Cheese and onion cobs that were amazing!  I made them earlier and wrapped in clingfilm so they tasted like the ones I used to get when I worked in a pub, nom nom.  All the salad on both plates can from one salad bowl too. 

I was also busy with work, had a few hours of calls, I supported a new team member with her first customer, we saved that lady over £600 a year and that was before she starts using her cashback card which could save her another £500+ a year! WOWsers!  I also signed up a new customer who had been referred by one of my existing customers so not only did I help the lady on the phone who was sorting her moms finances out for her, but I also got my customer £50 off her bill for recommending me to them!  Win/win, right now, it's so very important for us all to support each other in any way we can, to help each other out in what is truly a difficult time for so many of us. 

I'm thinking avocado for breakfast, maybe topped with a poached egg and a bit of crispy bacon, on one of those crusty cobs.  Yeah that sounds like a plan.  I'm gonna go do my youtube walk before mom gets up I think, keep the momentum up, although my shins are a little sore this morning after that walk through the farmers fields. 

Have a wonderful day, hoping you're all well and staying safe, my brothers family all have Covid now and thankfully it's not too serious in their homes, they're feeling very unwell but not in need of hospital treatment, here's hoping it stays that way and they improve.  Please do stay safe, keep your distances, try not to go shopping unless necessary, that's where he believes he picked it up, shopping on Christmas eve ;( 

Mwah, luv ya lots 

Love me xx


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