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Monday, 4 January 2021

Middle of the night blog!

 Monday 4th January 2020 

Stay strong, believe in yourself, never give up!

Well it's one o'clock in the morning and we're having a night of Dementia hell, moms confused, wants to go home, won't sleep, gonna be a long one!  We're having the same conversation over and over, she can't comprehend it's the middle of the night and keeps saying 'how is everyone gonna know I'm here' and 'you'd think they'd come looking for me', deep sigh, but hey ho, it is what it is!  I'm not going to let it knock me off track, I had another good day yesterday. 

I started at - 200lb

I wanna weigh - 165lb

I plan to lose - 35lb / 17.5% of my body weight.

The scales 3/1/21 - 194lb

I've already lost - 6lb 

Yesterday I stepped 11,353 times 

I covered 4.83 miles 

I burned 2,343 calories  

I consumed 1,532 calories

I was active for 61 minutes 

Sleep 3hrs!

Thankfully we went to bed at 8 so I had an hour and an half before she woke me up telling me she was STARVING because she hadn't been fed!  Made her a sandwich and she was okay for another couple of hours but we've been awake since half 11.   Thankfully I've got a busy morning but I'll be done by about 1 and hopefully she'll be calm by then and we can maybe have a snooze, either way it's all good, we'll survive. 

Let's talk food, that always makes me smile, I enjoyed my food yesterday, I had these meals; 

This was brunch after I'd walked the dog, I love this streaky bacon, 
it's only 66 calories /2SP for 2 slices, it's really lean but still tasty. 

Then for dinner I had this, bloomin delicious, parmesan courgettes, roasted butternut squash chunks, carrots and green beans with chicken. 

This was the chicken, I usually buy a whole chicken but I eat all the skin so this is a great way of stopping me from doing that, it was £3.75 and although it says feeds 3, me and Alfie shared it ;) I'll definitely buy it again.  The garlic and herb butter made it so tasty.
I managed two walks with Alfie, mom was mostly okay yesterday, so this mood change is a real surprise, I've got a headache now too cos I haven't slept off the wine I drank probably, so no sympathy there, self inflicted.  Although, this contact conversation over and over really isn't helping, there's nothing I can do when she's like this to calm her, she wants to go home and doesn't believe it's the middle of the night even though she can see it's dark outside! 

I spent some time meal planning yesterday, finally got round to it.  It helped me use up some of the stuff already in the kitchen and also made sure I only shopped online for what I'll need the coming week rather than just throwing stuff in the basket and ending up with more food than one mouth needs.  It's also given me meals to look forward to and made me realise I can eat the same thing more than once lol, a recipe for crustless quiche is four portions not one!  Will make that today hopefully as it's down as a meal!

Well one upside of being awake at this time is I'm watching a programme about The Carpenters and they're playing they songs, they were really good.  

Oh she's ever so wound up and there's nothing I can do to calm her down, I hate seeing her in such turmoil, but all I can do is try to reassure her she's safe, but I know I'm just winding her up!   I'll ask my sister to come round when she's awake, so only 6 or 7 hours till then lol.

Keep smiling ay!  Here's to a good day, or as good a day as possible.  Hope you all have a great day.  

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx 

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