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Friday, 13 November 2020

We car afford to diet!

Friday 13th November 2020
Stop STOPPING yourself! 

Well the best medicine really is a good laugh with like-minded people and that's exactly what I had last night with a few of my members, it was really lovely to catch up with them if only virtually!  I'll smile every time of think of the line, "We car afford to diet!" (you had to be there!)  Anyone who missed Sunday's virtual can log into tomorrow morning for my last workshop of this week, it would be lovely if we could make it feel like a Saturday morning, bring your own tea and toast - I'll post the link in my facebook group or message me for it.

I've been having a difficult time lately, I'm not going to lie and pretend everything is tickety boo - it isn't! Mom has been particularly demanding, we've had a couple of better nights thankfully, only woke me a couple or three times instead of every hour which has helped.  I really can't function without sleep, it makes every other situation worse too and there are other situations going on at the moment too.  Lockdown sucks, self isolation has been horrid but has made me realise how blessed I am to be able to get out and walk the dog every day at least which I cannot wait to start doing again from tomorrow.  Then there's the other thing I'm not able to talk about and that's the thing that's dragging me down the most, but hopefully by December it'll all be worked out.  I'm not usually one to let something I can't control affect me so much but as I said, it's more the combination of everything.  

Having said all that, yesterday was a better day, I realised how it was all affecting me and I made a conscious effort to take control of my thoughts, I was much more positive about it all.  Ultimately what will be will be and I will handle it, after all, I survived every bad day I've had up to now haven't I.  

Mom had nurses out to her yesterday as I'd told the district nurse about some spots she'd got on her arms and shoulders, so she arranged it, they've taken bloods and photos and are coming back on Monday, I've got to put E45 cream on them 3 times at day until they have the results of the bloods and get to talk to a doctor.  I can't fault the support i'm getting with moms care from them, although I think her leg needs redressing more than twice a week because of how much it's weeping as the bandage is so wet she leaves footprints when she walks :( 

Stew again today!  I cook way too much, I really need to remember there's only me!  Usually though in my defense I'd have taken some to Carol but we're not working are we so it's stew for breakfast lol.  I'm so looking forward to my Marlies treat this weekend, I won't have to cook the weekend thankfully and as it was gifted too, I haven't got to worry about how I'm going to pay for it, how fab is that!

I've woken up really positive, it's amazing what sleep can do, plus the catch up last night really lifted me too.  I'm going to stop stopping myself, yes there are things I can't do right now for one reason or another but there are things I can do, so I'm going to start doing them.  I also need to stop trying to do everything all at once, nothing worth having comes quickly or easily and that's what I'm going to remember, preparation is key but also starting is necessary!  

Now we joked last night that when we all get on track, our shopping bills go up, hence the comment 'we car afford to diet', for anyone not from round here car means can't, well this doesn't have to be the case does it, yes we can buy special 'diet' stuff but we can also buy healthy food that's cheaper, buy fruit and veg that's in season so it'll be cheaper, better still if you're going out to shop, go to a greengrocers they're usually cheaper, Aldi have their super 6.  The easiest way to save money though is to eat the portion you're supposed to, not twice as much!  

On that note, I'm off, I'm going to do a bit of cleaning, sweep and mom the floor where moms been walking, thankfully it's tiles! 

Mwah, here's to a happy day, 

luv ya 

Love me xx


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