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Friday, 20 November 2020

Oops, wrote it & forgot to post it!

Friday 20th November 2020

Don't wait - start!

Woke up this morning absolutely thrilled to realise I'd had 6 solid hours!  Yeah it was 4ish but who cares, I've slept and better still so has mom, she's still up there too, it's so wonderful to know she's not been scared in the night or distressed.  Especially as we had a good day yesterday too. Yes her legs not great but hey, it's being looked after, all is good. 

Smile moment number two, I've been paid from my new job!  I'm over the blinking moon, I'm not gonna lie. Last month I switched all my bills to UW, then I decided to join as a partner to work from home, part time and top up my income!  I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit suspicious - it all seemed a bit too good to be true, I remember asking the lady doing the appointment "how do I know this isn't all a load of bull and you're just trying to con me?" To which she assured me, her second job was with the police and they're not allowed to do anything even slightly dodgy lol. We've since become good buddies, she's one of my new favourite people!  Today I've been paid for the first time & I'm absolutely thrilled, it's more than covered my UW bills for the next 12 months!  I've got a bottle of bubbles which I won and I'm going to enjoy it later - or shall I have a glass for breakfast 😂 no I won't I have a few appointments today so need to stay sober, I'll have a glass later though to celebrate not being scared about how Im gonna survive financially for the immediate future!  I'm so grateful to have found this opportunity as I know so many are struggling right now, if you or someone you know might benefit from doing the same - give me a shout. 

So what's going to be my third smile moment this morning?  I'd love it to be moms leg looks better when the nurses come today, that's worth more than any money in the bank! 

I do believe my Marlie's menu food is coming today so that'll be another smile moment wings and champagne for tea, now that's living 😂

Back down to earth though, I've gotta change the beds this morning and do the laundry, yep it's not all fun and games, but if I can continue earning, maybe I can afford to get me a cleaner, that would be amazing! 

After a really tough six months, things are starting to look brighter and I'm so pleased. I really believe connecting with others is helping to lift my energy levels so here's to staying in touch and making the effort to catch up. 

Here's to a fab Friday 😘 let's make it an awesome one. 

Mwah, luv ya

Love me

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