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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

There is a god & her name is SLEEP!

Wednesday 11th November 2020
A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.

It wasn't uninterrupted but it was sleep and I'll take anything I can get right now, it really is my new favourite thing to do, how sad is that!  It's so important though, the dangers of sleep deprivation is actually quite bad and I'm not going to focus on it.  I just wished I could find a way of getting mom to sleep at night so I could sleep, her pain always worse after the nurse has redressed her leg and she seems immune to drugs, whether for pain or to help her sleep!  

Anyway, the lack of sleep didn't help my eating behaviour yesterday but to be honest, when my sister turned up with a little cheese pie for me, it was a no brainer, that turned into breakfast/lunch, then vicky dropped off a home made apple pie so I had some of that for my dinner and a bowl of stew that I'd managed and will be mostly eating all day today, my loaf of bread that usually lasts me a week will be lucky to last the day!  

Thankfully my members are doing as I say not as I do!  Dave's lost a cracking 6lb this morning and a few that checked in with me yesterday had also had also had cracking good weeks. 

The sweet and sour chicken never happened!  I'd bought a jar of sauce to try, it was a budget range and I just tasted it before cooking and it wasn't nice so I'm afraid I wasn't wasting the chicken breasts on that.  The stew on the other hand, is off the scale!  Using the freezer stock again, that's where the beef was found and the carrots and onions were left from last weeks shop.  Eggs for breakfast, how sad that the highlights of my day at the moment is food and sleep - wake, eat, sleep, repeat! 

I know this isn't forever though, this month is particularly tough, looking forward to getting out and walking Alfie this weekend, looking forward to trying to make Christmas a little special for mom, I need to think about getting her a couple of gifts - any suggestions welcome!  I know it sounds awful and that I'm wishing my life away but a part of me is looking forward to eventually getting my freedom back and the travels I will make, the British hills and mountains I will walk up, the coastlines I will walk, the places I will stay and the sunrises I will enjoy.  Yeah this isn't forever.  

I already feel lifted thinking about my favourite places, isn't the imagination amazing, see that house on the left of the road to the harbour, that's the one I'll buy when I'm rich ;) I've stayed in it a few times, mom and I have enjoyed Christmas's there, my brother and his wife joined us on year and it has wonderful memories.  See dementia may be robbing her memories, but they haven't got mine!  

Ah I'm feeling good now, I want to walk the Pembrokeshire coastal path in it's entirety, I've done a lot of it but I'd love to do it all, mom and I once walked from Poppit Sands to Newport, about 15 miles, she wasn't impressed!  The plan had been just to walk so far, turn round and come back but the farmers dog has spooked us both so we decided to continue!  When we eventually got to the end, we had to work out how to get back to our cottage, so we found a local pub sat outside, with the dog, it was Casey at the time, she was a star, I rang the local taxi and asked if they'd be okay to have a dirty dog in the car and bless him, when he arrived he put a blanket in the back for Alfie, he was a lovely, lovely man.  I remember mom asking for a glass of sherry and so we both had the same.  A really fond memory full of laughter and challenge.  Yeah I want so much more of that in the future. 

Anyways, here's to a very good day whatever it may involve, I might find out our photo albums and see if she remembers any of it.  

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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