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Monday, 9 November 2020

Emptied my online basket!

Monday 9th November 2020
May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears.

Monday morning again, 45 days till Christmas, 23 days of lockdown left and 5 more days of self isolation for me, boringhell!  I was good yesterday though, having written about the Lockdown challenge and been on the virtual workshop with my members, I went onto my online food shopping basket and I took out all the naughty stuff I'd added, so no Manchester tart being made, the only thing I've left in are moms goodies and my twiglets, they're only 3SP a packet so I can have those and stay on trackish! 

Why did I do this?  Well firstly because I realised I may be maintaining my weight quite well but if I start eating all that stuff I won't be.  Then there's the cost, I need to keep my eye on my finances because I don't know what next month might bring, my wages are already affected by Covid, so I can't afford to start wasting money on food I don't need, time to get healthy and frugal again!  Thankfully I've won Christmas dinner, so that's one thing I won't need to get, I can live off the turkey for a week with Alfie lol. 

I'm making tandoori skewers today, that's the beauty of virtual workshops, you get ideas, so I've got a big pack of chicken and asked my members what to do with them, the winner for me was skewers, I'm also going to make sweet and sour chicken and that'll be me fed for a few days. I've got half a butternut squash, I can make chips with them or maybe roasted cubes and do with carrots. Yeah, let's have a healthy Monday! 

A couple of hours in the kitchen will do me good, it's not like I can go anywhere, moms asleep next to me, we've had another rough night, her leg seems to be weeping worse than normal, but I'm scared to even take the dressing off to look, nurses come tomorrow.  

Trying so hard to stay positive about everything, but it's really not that easy when there's so much happening, I just want this month done for so many reasons, I'm not a fan of being in limbo.  

Anyway I'm off, gonna go make some eggs I think, prep my veggies and chicken for my skewers and try and be productive today.  Hope you've got a great day ahead, we've got this!  

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x


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