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Saturday, 21 November 2020

Here's to a great weekend!

Saturday 21st November 2020 
Thoughts have energy, make sure yours are positive 

YAY, ten to three lol, yep, that's when she woke me up, on a positive I managed to get mom back to sleep but I just lay there unable to go back to sleep myself, it didn't help that I could hear an alarm outside coming from the car lot or the shops I think so it's now 5am and I'm sat in the quiet downstairs, just enjoyed a mug of tea, contemplating another, enjoying the calmness before my stay starts.

Yesterday was a crazy busy day for me, I spend a lot of it on the phone and it was amazing!  I helped a handful of people save lots of money and a couple decided to do it as a part time business also, just fabulous to be able to give some a way to earn money at such a difficult time.  I'm so relieved to know that I can pay my bills now with this part time job, whilst working from home, feeling blessed and thankful for sure. 

I was so hungry by the time I'd finished, my Marlies meal didn't touch the sides!  

Chicken Shashlick, really healthy and light meal which was just what my body needed to be honest, I've got the ribs today, they'll be amazing too because I've had them before. 

Well we're 33 days to Christmas and the only present I had bought, I gave it to her yesterday!  I couldn't resist, she was in such a lovely mood, I wanted to make her happy after the tough time she's been having lately, she could be in a completely different head place by Christmas!  I need to get one of those little Christmas trees they do every year, the real ones that are about a foot tall if that, I've just not got room for a proper tree but one of those and a poinsettia and Christmas will have arrived in the Longsden house. 

Busyish day again, got WW this morning, then some UW this afternoon, then I have a date with either some red or my bottle of Champagne, I'll probably end up mixing it with orange juice because I love a mimosa, I also love a bucks fizz but there's more orange and less champers in that combo lol.  Tbh I usually half and half it so I guess that'd be a bucksosa! 

Well do I have an hour watching The Mandalorian or read, oh it'll be read as I can hear mom moving about, she'll never be quiet and let me watch tele lol, I'll probably end up sorting her and playing a bit of candy crush now.  

Here's to enjoying the weekend, 11 days left of lockdown........

See you didn't even notice I'd gone then did ya!  Just sorted mom, she's sat next to me now with verbal diarrhea lol, yep she's woke up in a good mood thankfully, I enjoy the day times because by night time it can all change, she didn't know where she was living last night. 

Signing off till tomorrow, have a great day. xx


Luv ya 

Love me xx

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