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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Support local businesses!

Wednesday 18th November 2020

There is no angry way to say bubbles.

I've just had a lovely giggle with mom, she's had a better night than the night before, still waking but only two or three times rather than every hour, we had another visit from a nurse yesterday, they're trying really hard to make her comfortable.  I also had a call from mom's dementia nurse and she's going to talk to moms consultant about her sleep issue, then visit us a week on Friday.   She's snoozing now bless her hear. 

Oh I had cod in butter sauce with mash and peas for tea last night, it was blooming delicious, if a little small, not gonna lie I had two of them but at 6SP for both, it's all good.  Enjoyed some cold toast too, it's the simple things in life for sure that make me smile. 

Not sure what's on my menu today, but I have a cauliflower that needs using.  Oh I do know, I want a slow cooker chicken on sage and onion stuffing,nom nom, I could have some cauli with that and maybe make a cauliflower cheese with the other half or some cauli rice.  

I'm making a conscious effort to reconnect with people, I'm really aware of since covid my interaction with others has got less and less and to be honest because of moms illness it was already limited, so I'm messaging people I haven't spoken to in a long time, picking up the phone for a chat and checking in with old friends.  I can honestly say I feel so much better than I have been feeling, we really are social creatures and need to connect.  

I was chatting to Rachel yesterday, she's not well at the moment, her condition has meant that she had to stop working in the successful business https://www.valetforce.co.uk/ she's built up with her husband, he's doing it without her now, but she still wanted to feel the worth of providing for her family, so they started to make hand made luxury car sprays for their customers cars, she's now taken it further and is hand making perfumes, car fresheners, carpet fresheners, eco friendly spray mists and reed diffusers from scratch - how clever is that!  She's do it all herself, leaflets, website, everything - absolutely brilliant. Luxe Handmade


I think this year more than ever, we've realised we need to support each other, local business aren't only your local shops, instead of jumping on Amazon, ask yourself is there someone local who could supply this, as on Facebook for recommendations.  The best business work this way, through recommendations, it's how UW who I know work for part time get all their customers, they don't advertise so they can pass those savings on to the customer. 

I know we're in lockdown but make an effort to stay connected, it'll help the time go faster for sure.  

My plan for the day is to try and distract mom when she's awake so she forgets quite how much pain she's in a little, look forward to walking Alfie and to catching up with some more people, oh and ordering myself something that smells good. 

Hope you have a good one too. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me 


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