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Sunday, 15 November 2020

Red wine, red chicken - it don't get no better!

Sunday 15th November 2020
Expect nothing.  Appreciate everything.

Well I do believe we've had a peaceful night - woo hoo!  I'm so glad, we had a difficult afternoon, mom got sad and had a little cry but with some effort I bought her round and thankfully she had a decent sleep so hopefully she'll feel a little better today.  

Times are difficult right now and we've all got to take care of each other, I was talking to some BeYOUtiful ladies yesterday and we had a lovely chat and that helped lift my spirits.  I also had a chat with a lady who's daughter works at the hospital and she was telling me that it's full of cases and they've had to put a hold on non emergent operations again, those poor folk waiting must be so scared.  This is why we should respect this months lockdown rules, to help to stop the spread, I really get it that it's difficult I do, hell the last two weeks near drove me la la and I'm used to staying in but it's to help every one, regardless of how you feel about it, whether you agree with their idea or not, the truth is if we don't, the the government will keep putting us in lockdown and yes it may not stop you doing your thing, but it's stopping all those businesses from opening so not just killing people phsyically, but emotionally and financially, how many people right now can't pay their bills because of all this crap, hell I've had to get a second job because of it.  Let's look out for each other, it was world Kindness day on Friday, remember back at the beginning of all this when everyone was saying be kind to one another - let's get back to doing that shall we. Especially as I believe every one of us is struggling in some way at the moment, this has been a horrid year, let's not make it worse.  

Anyway, on a happier notes, I'm trying to support local businesses and people trying to rebuild or start new businesses (myself included in that! Don't forget I can help you save money on your bills, I helped save Clare over £55 a month yesterday - that's £660, which will be nearer a grand when she starts using her cashback card), now as you already know I'm a huge Marlies Menu fan, her food is epic and I asked her earlier in the week if she's have a go at making me some tandoori as it's my favourite thing and you can't get it anywhere other than Indian restaurants and even some of those don't make it how I like it!   Anyway, the only thing better than tandoori chicken, is wings, oh my days, see that tray of scrumptiousness below, that is my second favourite red thing!   Anyway, she nailed them, they're amazing and you can thank me because Tandoori is going on the menu, I've also suggested Sashlick as that's an healthy option for those who want it.  What meal would you love her to make one week?  It doesn't have to be Indian of course, let me know, I'll pass your ideas on, make sure you like her page too.

I've actually put in a weekly order for these, they're just the right amount of naughty, a hell of a lot healthier than a KFC bucket, plus if I had a takeaway from the Indian, I'd be adding all sorts of other rubbish to the delivery. 

I'm looking forward to the zoom this morning, we're talking about, well come find out, I'm not telling, then I have a free day unless anyone wants a UW appointment, which I'm happy to do as I can do it sitting next to mom which is why it's so good, if you think you like the idea of doing the same, if you need to earn some money quick to help pay for Christmas, honestly give me a shout and have a chat because it's a lot easier than you think, it isn't selling it's just showing people how they can save and giving them options, they decide whether it's for them or not. 

Anyway, I have notes to put together, let's have a cracking day, be kind, stay safe and take care of those you love.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx  

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