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Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Another day....

Tuesday 3rd November 2020
I think you're doing a BeYOUtiful job handling some heavy stuff!

Oh ma'an my sofa is not the best place to spend the night, it's only a 2 seater and although I ain't tall, I'm a little longer than it is when lying down, crick in my neck and not much sleep, but mom was not good at all.  She'd been okayish, then at 7.20 whilst I was trying to have a phone conversation, she threw a wobbly, announced she was going to bed, so I had to end my call and go see if she was okay, that took a while, then she insisted I stay and chat with her.  Finally got her settled but she was up at five to midnight and quite 'angry' with it.  Insisted on coming downstairs, then was going to call someone, so in the end I stayed down with her, she's slept on and off but not had a clue who or where she was on waking and I've managed a few hours.   On a positive, I've managed to get her antibiotics at last for her leg, they also give us morphine, the side effect being sleepiness apparently - unless you're name is Hilary Longsden!   It's like living with Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde, she's lovely this morning thankfully.   She's just said, "let's hope I have a pain free day, I count my blessing and you're at the top, because you do really like me don't you?" 💗 this is the version I prefer, last night she was talking to me as if I was the staff!  

I'd been holding up quite well to what I know is gonna be a crap month, it was already going to be a tough month for me for other reasons before the Lockdown was announced, so last night  after reading an announcement then mom losing the plot, I just wanted to cry, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by it all!  This visual summed up how I was feeling perfectly; 

Thankfully I resisted the fridge, I ended my day pretty well to be fair and WW sorted my app out with a simple phone call so that was good too.  I even managed a bit of fruit and you all know I'm not great with eating my fruit!


These smoked mackeral fillets were delicous, I found them in the freezer, I'd bought them on a whoopsie (80p) a while ago, googled ideas of what to have them with and someone said a potato salad, I found a tin of potatoes in my cupboard (35p) and added a bit of low fat mayo, the spinach (50p) was from last weeks shopping delivery and thankfully still fresh, I'll have the rest of that with scrambled eggs this morning I reckon.  

I sat with my laptop yesterday doing my online shop and I've got to say I struggled, I was trying to think 'healthier', I was focusing on my affirmation 'I'm choosing to be healthy NOW!  Trying to remember what I used to eat when I was 'in the zone', so I ended up opening my app and finding the zero list for Blue which is my choice of plan, I'd love to do Purple but I know I'd overeat on it, I'd have a potato and pasta party for sure, I don't do Green because I don't want to point peas lol, how daft is that!  I managed to do my shop eventually and it's coming this morning, I'm going to do my best to have another good day today. 

But at the same time, I'm going to remember what a difficult time it is right now and not put silly pressure on myself, I'm going through a difficult time in more than one way, and I saw this on Facebook yesterday and thought it was worth sharing; 

5 things you need to hear as we go into a second lockdown.

1) You got through the first one, you can get through thisone.
2) Learn from last time, don't put so much pressure on yourself to be productive all the time. 
3) With the winter mornings and evenings there's no doubt this one will be tougher so please remember to keep talking to loved ones. 
4) You are strong enough to get through this, even if it doesn't feel like it right now. 
5) This won't last forever, even though it feels like it will right now.

I was chatting with a pal last night who was doubting his ability to stay strong and be successful, I know I'm a coach to so many and I have been for many years but I need you all to know it's YOU that does the hard work, it's YOU that has the power to continue that success!  You've got a plan that works if you do, whether in a physical or virtual workshop, you will survive whatever gets thrown at us in what remains of this year.  

Just for today, let's be there for each other, be kind, stay safe and eat well.  

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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