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Saturday, 14 November 2020

I'm free!

Saturdya 14th November 2020
If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.

How sad am I, I'm excited for chicken wings today, not quite as excited as knowing my 14 days self isolation is over, but very, very close ;) tee hee, but look at these, this is my idea of heaven and my closest friends have all seen me demolish a plate of wings.

Marlies menu have made them specially for me, at my request of course, I love tandoori chicken and asked her if she could make me some, when she messaged me she said 'are you sure you want them all?'  Erm is the Pope cathelic?  I'm so excited to eat these, I've just realised I don't have the onion salad and I don't have onions to make to be a little bit healthy with them lol, never mind, I'll make a cucumber yogurt instead, I'm not going to eat till they come so I'm hungry.  These really are an early Christmas gift from a lovely lady who sent me a voucher. Thank you again xx

Yesterday was a busy day in our house, the district nurse came and mom was in so much pain that she started shaking, which resulted in the nurse deciding that she needed to see someone else, so we had a couple more visits, she's on more antibiotics and is calm at the moment which is good.  To try and distract her we watched Sister Act 1 and 2 and I forgot how enjoyable they were.  

I've asked on my facebook for peoples favourite movies, so now have a list to try and find and watch at some point.  I woke up thinking of Christmas this morning, I've done nothing, so I need to get a crack on!  It's obviously going to be a quiet one, my brother won't be flying over which means this is going to be the only year we haven't seen him and Alexis at all ;( he was supposed to come the end of March and Covid put a stop to that!  I'd rather have them safe up a mountain in Corfu though. 

Okay so I found myself thinking I was procrastinating yesterday, I have lots of stuff I want to get done but I wasn't doing it, eventually though I realised I wasn't procrastinating, I was resting, I need to recharge my batteries before I can really get stuck into other things.  This is a long month and I need to be patient, everything doesn't have to be done in a day!  I did do a little housework though, so at least the floors been mopped, the stews all gone too ;) it was mega stew though, even Alfie liked the beef and carrots, I pick some bits out for him.  

Okay thinking Christmas food shopping, what needs to go on the list?  Twiglets are a must have, mom just said mince pies, we'll have some food doing that today, it'll occupy us for a bit.  I was talking to Marlies and she said she's thinking of doing a Christmas Eve delivery, I'm up for that, she's the only takeaway I've had this year.  

Well I'm free today, so I'll be going for a walk in the rain by the looks of it, I'll try to never complain about having to walk Alfie ever again, this last two weeks has proven to me how important those walks are.  I'd said I'd never have another dog after Alfie, but that might not be the case now.....

Shall we have a lovely day?  I think so, hopefully moms pain medication will work and she'll have an easier one, I'm looking forward to catching up with my crowd on my zoom this morning.  Yeah let's have a lovely day.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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