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Monday, 16 November 2020

Focusing on the good

 Monday 16th November 2020 
I trust the next chaper of my life because I know the author

Well after a lovely virtual workshop, catching up with my community, this was the next highlight of my day, my Marlies delivery, delicious it was!  

Now the chicken tikka masala is 15SP which is a bargain for that dish as in a restuarant its 81!  However I'm aware that some people want lower pointed stuff so I've requested Shashlik from Marlies menu, it'll be about 2SP or 4SP on green, absolute bargain, for more info of these dishes, check out her facebook page,  This is this weeks menu.

So WW have launched myWW+, be sure to check out your app, it should have updated yesterday or will do today, lots of stuff on there now!    myWW+ is a 360° approach to weight loss and wellness, that focuses on food, activity, mindset, and sleep.

myWW+ considers your personal data and preferences to generate a customised weight-loss plan for you.  What’s in your fridge?” (a recipe suggester), Meal Planner, New! 5-Minute Coaching, yeah go check it out. 

We also talked about how peoples mood is being affected by this year and here's some info I got from someone who does know their stuff, I'm not medically trained so can't advise as such. 

So many of us are struggling, now that’s not a surprise with the year we’ve had, some of you may just feel a little low, but some of you might be anxious or depressed, I’m going to share a link in the comments and I’ll share it in my Happy Owls group later too.  It’s a short survey you can do on the NHS website an it helps sort out ‘having a bad time’ from being depressed and next help, I’m not qualified for the latter but there are lots of people out there that are; 


Here are some resources you might want to access in order for you to gain some immediate support and immediate hope - if you find talking to others at this time difficult.
Self-help app
This app helps you to keep track of how you are feeling and get recommendations for things you can do to help yourself cope, feel better and stay safe in a crisis.

Staying safe if you’re not sure life’s worth living- to share hope, compassionate advice, practical ideas & links for people in distress

U Can Cope 22m film and online resources - for people in distress and those trying to support them to share hope, useful strategies and national organizations for support

https://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/mental-health/problems-disorders/feeling-overwhelmed A leaflet for anybody struggling to cope when bad things happen in their life.

https://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/mental-health/parents-and-young-people/young-people/u-can-cope!-how-to-cope-when-life-is-difficult-for-young-people A leaflet designed to help young people develop the ability to cope with difficulties

Please feel free to pass on these links to a family member or a friend who is in distress or who experiences feelings of self-harm, suicide or struggles to cope.

Create a safety plan
The Staying Safe website helps you to build your own safety plan to keep you safe from suicidal thoughts. We advocate that everyone should consider what their own safety plan is, in the event that such feelings ever occur- they are the equivalent of break down cover for our cars- we don’t hope we need to use such cover, but should we need to, they are there in readiness and we can get home safe.

‘Staying Safe’ Training – is a free online training resource to support the use of Staying Safe website equipping participants with the skills and confidence both to make their own Safety Plan and to encourage and support others to do the same. Training has been designed to be used in a wide range of settings and roles, including the NHS and social care, first responders, third sector organisations, carers, peer support groups, community groups, schools and universities.

‘Staying Safe Resources’ to support Staying Safe Training-The resource contains helpful information, details of organisations to contact, and a blank Safety Plan template.

Wellbeing and coping – A similar principle to safety planning, is wellbeing and coping planning – a link to a resource to aid wellbeing an coping planning is included below- there are a number of links with in this page that include activities to enhance your wellbeing and coping, that can be conducted in 30 seconds- 3 minutes and 30 minutes

Now if we're just a little bit down, it's time to ask ourselves, 'what can we do to lift ourselves up?'  Have a think, laughter works for me, I love to watch funny stuff or share giggles with friends, I did that yesterday, watching the programme about Bobby Ball on ITV, he was so very, very funny, then we watched some of Not Going Out, a funny sitcom, started from S1 episode 1.  

I found this image too that is a quick way to make some sugggestions, 

Let's all do something today to lift our mood or someone else's! 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

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