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Sunday, 18 October 2020

Why, Why, Why? Are you singing now :)

Sunday 18th October 2020 
You can and should and if you find a way - you will.

One day 2020 will be the one-word catchphrase for everything messed up and bad; "How's your day?", "A total 2020!", "Say no more..."  thankfully if you stop to notice in amongst all the horrid stuff that's going on there is still things to be grateful for, but you need to look for them a little harder than usual.   

I absolutely loved my morning yesterday, having bagged myself a cracking 9 hours sleep, I was totally rested, I got to my workshop and was quite busy, to the point that a handful were talking (all socially distanced of course) and I was envious that I couldn't be part of their conversation because I was working, but then I weighed a lovely lady who'd had a great WW week and lost 3lb, meaning she'd lost the equivalent of a sack of potatoes - that's amazing, and her goal challenge for Christmas is another 10lb to be in that next stone bracket and the lightest she's been in years! 

25kg / 56lb / 4 stone!  Amazing, if you've never tried to lift a sack of potatoes, you should, 
that's a lot of weight - I used to pack spuds for a living!

So it's 3.56am, I've been awake a good hour thanks to mom, she'd woke me up at 1am too, but I've still managed 5 hours so it's all good, I've got my virtual workshop and the rest of the day is free to chill, although I'll keep myself busy as I have a lot of stuff to do. 

I know I'm started to sound like a broken record, but I had another satisfied customer yesterday, not only am I saving her well over £400 on her bills, but by switching her broadband too us, she can cancel Virgin altogether and get FreeView, which the tv side of it alone will save her an additional £400 a year!  WOWsers, the buzz from knowing I'm saving someone that kind of money doesn't fade.  £800 is a good holiday for the family when the Covid chaos is over. 

I'm gonna make me a proper Sunday dinner today, I've got lamb chops (posh ay I!  They were on offer) the very lovely Lucy bought me a bag of fruit and veg (a care package as she called it), there was a parsnip in there so that's being roasted, I think I've got a carrot too, so add some frozen peas and some spuds, I'll even make Yorkshire's and happy days, deliciousness on a plate right there.  

I need to get the hoover out lol, I had housework but it's got to be done ain't it, it's gonna be a long day cos moms already aggravated, let's hope she falls asleep and gets a few hours.  

We're talking Your Why in my virtual this morning - 

1) Why do you want to lose weight and/or get healthier?  
2) Imagine your future self and what's different when you achieve your goals.
3) Thing again, why do you want to lose weight or get healthier? Why? Why? Why?
4) Re-state your authentic answer to yourself when you have it. 

Think about those questions before you log on for the 9.30 chat in the Wolverhampton Connect group.  I'll see you there xx 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me 

Oh one more thing; 
This lovely lady wants to help those of us who want to get a little active! Exercise can be intimidating and Sian thought why not show that a normal mum can do it? She's hoping it’ll inspire you to have a go too https://youtu.be/B0LYIompJYg

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