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Saturday, 3 October 2020

Sleep is so good isn't it!

Saturday 3rd October 2020 
Autumn shows how beautiful it is to let things go.

Yay to sleep, 5.55am oh yeah, that was the time I got out of bed, was a bit of rebel watching a video for half hour in bed before trying to go asleep but I've had 7hrs 25m according to the sleep section on the WW app, my average sleep over the last 6 days is 7 hours, so that's not too bad to say I had a couple of silly early mornings, I even managed an afternoon snooze yesterday, not long but it was really nice. 

Mom had a good day yesterday too overall, I'm praying under that bandage on her leg that her ulcer is improving.

Ooo I've just thought about food for the first time today, it's 6.26am, so that's half hour without thinking about eating!  Now to decide what's on my menu today, nothing planned at all as yet.  I've got a freezer full of options, so it's all good, how lucky am I to have food to think about.  At this time with the economy out there so bad, there are so many people losing their jobs or in fear of doing so and the bills don't go away do they, we still have to eat and feed the family.  Most supermarkets have a tub for food banks in them, if you can pop a couple of things in there, that would be brilliant, we all need to help each other in any way possible.  The Trussell Trust is still an option on the Wellness Wins on the WW app also.  

I'm thankful for my members returning and helping me stay in the role I love to do, more are returning every week - we all need to take care of our health now more than ever don't we.  I'm also thankful for this new business I've started because I'm helping people with their finances which now more than ever is so important, these are the bills we already need to pay so we may as well have them as cheap as possible!  

Mmm what to eat today, I think I might make a fish pie you know, I've got spuds left that need using, I have frozen fish in the freezer so if I take some out now it'll be defrosted when I get back.  Ooo yeah defo.  Proper comfort food and making the sauce myself can help to keep the points down overall. 

Looking forward to seeing lots of you this morning, the workshop is 9-10 but I'm there and can weigh you from about 8.30 if you're in a rush to get to work or somewhere else more fun!  The forecast is rain all day so I'm guessing dog walking later will be a washout affair.  I've got my college work to do this weekend, as assignments need to be in by the 9th!  Eek!

Just got distracted making mom a second cuppa and come back to see David Attenborough on the BBC news and she asked what would be his one piece of advice and it was "Don't Waste!"  I love this and he means everything from food to fuel, if we all start to try to do this more, we'll save money for starters as well as the planet.  I'm having LED bulbs supplied and fitted for free this month thanks to Utility Warehouse, because of the package I signed up for not only did I save loads of money on my bills, I get to do my bit for the planet, these bulbs lower your electricity bills by up to 50%, the other thing they're doing which warms my heart is they've bought some land in the Brecon Beacons and for every new customer they gather they're going to plant a tree - the hope is to build a forest, now that's cool ain't it.  Maybe one day I'll be in a position to drive to Wales to see it in all it's glory.  I love that I'm working for another company that's making a difference.

Anyways, how lucky am I that I've just had a message from a very dear friend asking if I'm okay because it's almost 7 and I haven't blogged yet lol.  Yeah all is really good, but she's right, I've only got an hour so I need to go get washed and dressed for work.  See some of you soon, 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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