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Friday, 2 October 2020

Oy, pay attention! ;-)

Friday 2nd October 2020
Create healthy habits, not restrictions.

So we're doing the Christmas Countdown Challenge and yesterday was the start of week 12, I'm going to challenge you this week to try to stop multi-tasking!  Anyone who multi-tasks constantly knows one of the things gets more of your attention than the other and neither get your full attention, which is never good!  Okay, so I know I've just asked the impossible and you're not going to do that with everything, but how about you try to do it more when you're eating?  Instead of eating standing up in the kitchen, whilst your driving, whilst you're typing on your computer at your desk or your phone in front of the tele.  Whatever it is that's distracting you and taking your attention away from that delicious food we love to eat, stop it.  Give that delicious, nutritious and sometimes naughty but nice food your undivided attention.  

Why?  Because it's not doing us any good at all, so many of us think about food most of the time, then when we actually start eating, we zone out and miss the best bit which is the tasting of it.  Another reason is because our bodies digest food and absorb all the goodness better when we're relaxed rather than stressed, and multi-tasking isn't relaxing behaviour is it.  

How many times have you sat in front of the tele and started eating biscuits or crisps, for me it would be one of those boxes of maltesers and before you know it, there's none left and you missed the satisfaction of eating that last one!  Overeating is so easy when you're not being mindful of your food, when you're not paying attention.  

Of course I'm not expecting you to sit up a table for every one of the 21 meals this week, but just try to choose to pay attention as much as you can t0 what you eat this week.  Put your phone down, just focus on the food and enjoy eating.  Actually taste it, you'll be surprised at some of your reactions to food you think you absolutely love.  Enjoy the taste, the smell, appreciate the effort you've put into cooking the food or even shopping for it, if it's something that didn't need cooking.  

Let's enjoy eating this week, really enjoy it. Maybe plan in your absolutely favourite meal so you can really enjoy eating it.  

NO ONE needs more pressure or stress at the moment than they already have, so none of the Christmas Countdown challenges are going to be difficult, so many of my members that I've spoken to are all agreeing that our moods are so unstable, we could cry so easily, one minute we're fine the next we're not.  I believe it's all down to the year we've had with Covid, lockdowns, worries and stresses of the future, financial uncertainty, missing our loved ones, all of that is going to have a massive effect on how we feel and behave, so go easy on yourselves.  I've just found these images on Pinterest and I liked them so much I didn't want to just pick one, so here they all are and take whichever comments you need and remember, it's okay....

Yeah, it's okay to not be okay!  

I'm at Old Fallings tomorrow for Express Weigh-in's then I will be on a zoom Virtual Workshop in the Wolverhampton Connect Group for a catch up and chat on Sunday. 

But first, before I get on with my day, I'm gonna have a nice big mug of tea, moms still in bed!  I had a better night - woo hoo, her ulcer on her leg was bothering her a lot yesterday, the nurses came and redressed it thankfully.  It's no joy, this getting old lark, let's take care of ourselves as we do ay!

Have a great day, luv you lots, I'm blessed to know so many wonderful people.


Luv me xx

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