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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Let's make it a Souper Day!

Wednesday 7th October 2020
How you feel tomorrow starts today.

Going with the Just One More theme this week, I'm going to make Harj's lentil curry (soup) today hopefully, 'plant based' foods aren't just fruit and veggies, it includes the lentils that are in this recipe plus it's absolutely delicious!  Oh and it ties in nicely with National Curry Week.  As if I need an excuse to eat curry or anything to be fair. 

Mom's sat next to me snoozing, she's a poorly lady, both her legs are bandaged to the knee now, they took a swab of the ulcer yesterday which has grown and she's not been to bed, she's slept in that chair, she's been more confused the last couple of days, a combination of being exhausted and in pain I would guess, then we need to wait to see if it's infected.  It's no fun getting old when you're poorly - another reason to do our best to take care of ourselves!  I needed that reminder this morning.  

I had pizza for tea last night, Angie got me one from M&S, how lovely was that, much appreciated too as I was tired when I got home, disturbed sleep and a day full of workshops, didn't leave much free time.  I've got a hell of a busy day, ahead of me too, wish me luck on 5 hours sleep!  A couple of appointments to save lovely ladies money this morning with my discount club and one this afternoon to finish off the paperwork from the quote I did last week, they've discussed it and are now ready, no need to rush things.  Then I've got my Ashmore workshop 5-6 tonight, hoping to see lots of members again.  We need to get healthy!  We draw as many lines or clean slates as we need to, it's a difficult year, let's try and get something good from it!  

I reckon I can cook in-between all that lol, yeah I can can't I.  If not I'll add it to my to cook list for tomo or Friday, but if I can get it done today, it'll keep me going for a couple of days, having said that as Tina pointed out yesterday I should live off my freezer food for a month!  

Right, I will try again to have scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast this morning, mom pinched mine yesterday and I hadn't got any more bread, I have a full loaf now lol, it was lovely to see her eat proper food though. 

"When I was 'doing it' (on track) I....." this was a sentence said to me yesterday followed by a few of the things they always did when they were losing weight and focusing on their health.  Why don't you ask yourself the same question?  It might be something as simple as I made up sugar free jelly's to curb my sweet cravings, or I had a bowl of soup for lunch to fill me up.  What things help you when you're in the zone?  

I'll leave you with that thought, here's to a very good day, 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

Harj’s Lentil Curry- 5sp total on blue 


1 small cup red lentils, mung yellow lentils & chana dal (pulses) 

2 tsp turmeric 

Boiling water 


2-3 onions Garlic - I used 1 frozen block Ginger 

1-2 blocks 

3x green chilli’s add more if you like it spicier 

1tbs olive oil (5SP) 

1-2tsp cumin seeds 

Tomatoes - either tinned which need to be purée or passata.  (Harj uses about half a can) 

1tsp garam masala 

Coriander (optional) 

Method: Wash all lentils in saucepan with warm water - drain water and cover with boiling water. Add salt & turmeric, bring to the boil be careful not let it boil over then turn gas down and simmer, cover saucepan but don’t cover completely otherwise dhal will boil over - leave to simmer stirring occasionally until it start to thicken and looks like soup consistency. This can take up to 30-45mins to get right consistency.  

Base - chop onions add to separate saucepan and add olive oil.  Cook for 5 mins and add garlic, ginger, chopped chili & cumin seeds, if onions start sticking to saucepan keep adding water. You need to cook onions until they are more or less purée, then add tomatoes. Cook onions/tomatoes until they look like a paste then add to the lentils which should now have cooked and look like soup. Also add 1tsp of garam masala and coriander if required.


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