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Wednesday, 14 October 2020

It works if you do it!

Wednesday 14th October 2020

Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going....

Yesterday was a tough day for most I think, in the wake of the 3 tier announcement, the mood seemed low all round, mine wasn't helped by how very, very tired I was.   We really need to keep going though,  now more than ever and we really need (myself included) realise that our WHY includes taking care of ourselves so that we are fit and well to survive whatever else the year has to throw at us!  I know I'm not the only one who's mood is swinging from 'let's do this' to 'what's the bloody point', but I do know that when I focus on being healthy the plan really, truly works and I feel better for doing it!  

Today, because I've reminded myself of this, I'm going to have a really good day, I'm going to start with the one day at a time mentality, not getting enough sleep isn't helping me but neither is then overeating and not taking care of myself. 

I've managed to get some sleep, yes mom woke me up a few times but she was much better, I actually got woke up this morning by her singing 'Who's sorry now' at the top of her voice lol, I guess it's better than her screaming up the stairs 'is there anybody here'.  Mom's much better this morning too thankfully, if I can keep her upbeat she won't notice her pain so much. 

I'm going to plan some meals for the rest of the week this morning, I'm hoping she's okay so I can nip to the butchers this morning, I need some beef and bones to make an epic curry and some stew, I can then have that for a few meals.  I've got a cooked chicken in the fridge which I can enjoy today, I might make a cooked dinner, mmm do I experiment with Purple for a week, I think I will you know, I'll still weigh and portion up my carbs but it might encourage me to fill up on the good stuff, I'll see how my meal plan looks and decide between that and blue.  I can decide then.  

Okay winner, winner chicken dinner today, hopefully curry and stew made today or Friday at the latest. I'm going to make the porridge muffins today too, yeah I've woken up feeling way better and all it took was a single phone call to congratulate me on achieving qualified distributor, it was the fact I'd achieved it, it was that our team leader had took the time out to call me, it makes a massive difference doesn't it when someone cares, she'd just got back from her holiday and apologised for the call being a week or so late!  I didn't expect a call at all as she's not my direct upline, there's a good few between me and her.  Yeah it really lifted my spirits which was perfectly timed because mom was dreadful when I got home, the lack of sleep and the pain were all affecting her memory, she didn't think she was in her own house and didn't remember the nurse coming in, she was really upset, but she's good this morning so yesterday is done and dusted, only remember the good bits. 

I was listening to an audio book yesterday to help me with my new business venture and what it told me and this is transferable to our weight loss journey is that success takes time!  Yes, just as I can't expect to be the most successful distributor overnight and get everyone to think the way I do about my discount club, we can expect ourselves to suddenly change the way we think and feel about food, it's just not that simple is it.  

At this time of year our eating habits change naturally anyway, on the whole most people will go from eating salads and lighter meals to the more stodgy and comforting type of meals. This year though we're going through something none of us have experienced before, winter through a pandemic, summer was difficult enough but at least you got to sit in the garden in the sunshine.  Now we're being told we can't do this, that and the other, we can't spend time with our loved ones and it's affecting us all emotionally, our mental health is being affected which we know has a knock on effect to the way we eat / drink and behave.  

Together though, we can get through this!  I know we're not having sit down workshops but we are having virtual ones, mines on Sunday morning at 9.30, there are lots of others, my mate does a Friday Night Food Affair, it's in the Manchester Connect group on the WW app at 6.30 https://www.facebook.com/TFNFA and there are plenty more to choose from. 

You've also got the express check-ins, each one is an hour long so you can have that little bit longer than usual at the scales to chat plus once you've checked in with me at the scales, you can also message me afterwards to keep you going. 

It's time for those of us who haven't been doing this to get our act together, start taking care of ourselves, stop pretending we don't care and get back to eating well and moving more!  

Let's stop fannying about and do this!

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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