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Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Mmmm, well that was a night

Tuesday 13th October 2020
Every time you thought you couldn't move forward - you did!  Take a moment to appreciate how strong and capable you are. 

This made me smile this morning! 

I feel like all I seem to talk about lately is work and sleep!  To be honest, there's not much else going on is there?  I half watched Boris last night and wished I hadn't.  We've had a dreadful night, as Fitbit is only too glad to tell me, now I did manage to get a solid 3 hours before she woke me just before midnight and came downstairs, from then it was game over, she was noisy for the rest of the night, clattering things on the floor, moving about, talking loudly and crying out in her sleep, shouting up to me every hour, almost on the hour without fail, until I finally give up at 3.49 and came downstairs made her a cuppa and she's promptly fell into disturbed sleep again.   I'm shattered because the little sleep I did get after midnight was full of crazy dreams so I can't imagine how she's feeling because she has the added issue of being in pain with her legs.   Cos 2020 ain't throwing enough crap at everyone eh! 

On a positive, I had another satisfied customer yesterday and at least I'm getting to chat to people for longer than a minute at the scales lol, work from my office upstairs is my new social life!  

My sister was my hero yesterday, she made me a delicious pie (so the ham had to stay in the fridge!) only putting pastry on the top saved on Smart Points, oh it was so satisfying. 

These have been posted in my group as being delicious too and tasting like the old WW toffee bars, I've done a google and it says Iceland sell them.  I know the toffee bars were an old favourite for so many. 

Now I think so many of us are in a place of 'what's the point!' because of everything that's happening this year in the world, maybe thinking we're going nowhere, got nothing to look forward to, but then we start to eat and/or drink far to much and feel rubbish and BAM there's the point!  The healthier you feel, the more energy you will have and the easier everything is to handle.  So there's our reason, obviously we want to be healthy to fight Covid should we be unlucky enough to get it too. 

Let's make today a good day.  Decide now to have a healthy breakfast, I'm going to have a toasted breakfast muffin with a few baked beans and an egg. I did have my WW shop delivery come yesterday which has the new Apple porridge in, I think I'll make some muffins with that once my supermarket shop has come today, they're a great on the go kind of breakfast, I might do a little video of me making them actually.  It a sachet of porridge, an egg and a mashed up banana so it's really simple.  There's lots of ideas on the WW app for breakfast or any meal.  I've got the ham to use at lunchtime, got my mash and green beans already cooked, so just bung it in the microwave.  Then I'll have something light for tea.

I need to put as much effort into taking care of my health as I am into saving people money or helping them lose weight, the truth of the matter is that the latter two are what pay the bills in this house and with the future uncertain because of Covid, something I need to think about.  

I did change my food shop though so that's a start, I did the 'just one less' yesterday and the 'just one more', I had one less glass of wine and one more veggie on my dinner - cooked a carrot lol. 

I'm going to go and cook my breakfast now to give me a good start to my day.  Here's to seeing lots of you at the scales, we're in Tier 2 round here, which is the same as it was for Wolverhampton but a step up for Walsall.  

Actually I'm going to do a meditation first using that app I downloaded. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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