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Friday, 9 October 2020

Can't sleep - let's eat!

Friday 9th October 2020
Don't feel bad about making mistakes - it's how we learn.

Let's just not talk about lack of sleep lol, but let's just say she's getting up an hour earlier every day, so it was 1.53am today!  At this rate, we'll lose a day somewhere because she'll be getting up at the same time as she goes to bed😜. 

I survived the day though thankfully, caffeine helped, I even managed to cook, made these mini toad in the holes using Penn Road Butchers chicken breast sausages, 1SP on blue/purple 2SP green.

As you can see, these babies didn't survive the oven, they were burnt, but the foxes enjoyed them!

Now I want your help, one of my mates has a salon in Hednesford 
 https://www.facebook.com/embracebeauty58  please go and like the page, better still why not treat yourself and go pay her a visit.  

Talking to my members, times are tough out there, hell I'm in the gang too, lots of peoples wages are being impacted by Covid, job losses too, hence my second job!  Where we can, let's support each other, local businesses, buy British, help in any way you can. 

I don't want to ram my new business down anyone's through but seriously I can save you money and you're not gonna be paying for anything you don't 'already have to pay out every month any way, the company won Utility Brand of the Year yesterday with Which? who are to be trusted and independent.  We were also the highest rated for mobile phones and the only broadband provider to be endorsed by Which? It's good for me to know I'm working for a British company that has such an excellent reputation. I bloody love my Cashback card too, getting money off my bills each month every time I spend money - no brainer! Get in touch if you're interested. Gotta love a discount club!

I'm gonna cook me a curry today, but I'm eyeing up the steaks on Penn Road Butchers Facebook page, might order some of them for the weekend!   I also did a WW delivery yesterday too, yes I have to order online too for the things we don't have in the workshop.  www.weightwatchersshop.co.uk (use my code I7IA5I - capital I's not ones) I wanted to try the new things, almond and honey bars, risotto just a few, I'll let you know what I think, they're already on their way! 

I've got some work to do today, a couple of calls, a bit of paperwork but today will mostly be about chilling, who knows I might manage an afternoon snooze!

I love how lots of members have embraced the 'just one more' idea, it's a great way to start to get back on track, one tweak at a time.  I know my shop need to be healthier next week, it was half and half this week.  I'm obviously sleep deprived so I need to eat as well as I can to give me energy.  

Well all know how important it is to get enough sleep but it isn't always possible is it, it can lead to eating more, on average 385 kcal (according to a 2017 study) but it's not just more calories, it's significantly less protein and more fat which would mean MORE Smart Points.  Basically when we're sleep deprived we're more likely to be tempted to eat more and more unhealthful foods than normal.  What can we do to help? Here's a few tips I need to take on board myself today; 

1) Eat a healthy breakfast within about an hour of waking.
2) Rehydrate - get that water down ya neck!  
3) Not too much caffeine!  
4) Eat a light lunch.
5) Healthy afternoon snack 
6) Prepare food in advance, batch cook (we have a new WW batch cookbook) Preparing food in advance can help you feel organised and ready to tackle the day as well as avoid those less healthy foods that are more tempting when you're sleep deprived.  Maybe prepare your food the night before or batch cook on a Sunday and fill the fridge/freezer.  

Here's to getting organised to have a successful weekend.  Have a great day, enjoy Friday, add just one more to your plate, let's take care of ourselves as best as we can.  Eating well helps our mood too.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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