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Monday, 5 October 2020

Next success story!

Monday 5th October 2020
Wherever you are - be all there!

Who's up for living life on the VEG this week!  Yesterday in my virtual workshop, which I loved, so many on there having a good catch up, we were talking about Plant Based Foods - what does that include?  Fruit and veggies, grains, pulses and products derived from plants (like olive oil and almond or oat milk).

We all know there aren't any 'super foods' or quick fixes, but there are great benefits to upping your intake of these type of foods, so I'm not going to go into great detail but your challenge this week has been set by the Virtual workshop members, we were all sharing our ideas and Karen said her favourite TV doctor Rupy Aujla (I'd never heard of him!) suggests we ask ourselves how we can add 'just one more' fruit/veggies to our meals, so this is the challenge, when you're preparing your meals think to yourself  'How could I add just one more'.  This for me usually means adding mushrooms and/or tomatoes to my eggs on toast at breakfast.  You might put fruit on top of your cereal.  Why not actually build your meal, snack or dessert around the plant based ingredients, make them the star of the show!  

Now there's lots of things you could make, check out the WW app for ideas, it's National Curry week, why not make a veggie curry, a lentil dhal, or a saag aloo, have a search and find something new to try.  

Tofu got a very mixed response yesterday on the Virtual but  it takes on the flavours you use, it soaks up marinades well, here's some ideas https://www.weightwatchers.com/uk/article/easy-vegetarian-tofu-recipes?_ga=2.252544718.630672400.1601784454-1197793253.1542950648

I know I'm expecting a lot from members at the moment to be 'on it' all the time, life is so strange thanks to Covid, 2020 is the weirdest year ever, that's why I don't expect you to be 'on it' permanently, I just want you to take care of yourselves as best as you can. 

I want you to be my next success story!  I'm sure you'd like that too.  

Success means different things to different people, to me it means being happy in your skin, taking care of yourself and loving yourself as you are, giving yourself a break when you lapse and knowing that we're all struggling to some degree, it's a rollercoaster of a year for sure. 

The one good thing about my workshops being weigh only at the moment is that you can have that little bit longer at the scales to chat to me, it doesn't have to be about your weight, it can be about anything.  We all need to talk more at the moment, the worst thing we can do is bottle stuff up!  Everything is easier when we share and support each other.  

I watched my first Christmas movie yesterday!  I do love them, not gonna lie, I'm also loving Little Mix's talent show thing, I just love easy to watch, no thinking about it tv.  

I'm working this morning on my new venture, which I am absolutely loving, being able to help people save money is just brilliant and the new team I'm working in are so positive and supportive, it's just fantastic, they're all really motivating.  

Then I'll chill with mom whilst I look forward to my workshops this week; 

Let's have a great week, start it off with a magic Monday, one of the best tips for making sure you are able to achieve the 'just one more' challenge was to make sure you have those foods in your kitchen!  I need to adjust my shopping list today so I have some in my delivery tomorrow.  Mwah

Luv ya lots 

Love me xx

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