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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Where do you look the most?

12th June 2018
We attract what we believe and we have to believe in ourselves.

     My glorious hanging baskets, I'm looking at them far more than my phone screen.

Well I got the all clear from the dentist, mom didn’t want to go in the end and I’ve learned to choose my battles so I cancelled her appointment.  We did have a lovely couple of hours in the garden on the afternoon singing along to old songs on YouTube, it all started with “we’ll meet again” and ended with “the coward of the county”. 

Today’s challenge is to eat mindfully, it’s difficult to do if you’re rushing to get to work or to the next thing you have to do, or watching tele or even being distracted by your phone or anything else that steals your attention from your food.  Just for today, choose at least one meal and sit and eat it without any distractions at all, no phone, tv, magazine or other distraction.  I think I’ll take mine in the garden and leave my phone in the house.  Of course eating with someone else and talking over dinner is absolutely encouraged.

Phones are fab, I won’t buy into the belief that they aren’t, however we do need to put them down more and I know I’m improving but there’s still work to do.   I’ve turned off all notifications from the apps on my phone the only thing that pings are my text messages and my messenger messages but sometimes if I’m at home with mom I turn the entire phone onto do not disturb because there’s nothing that can’t wait till later. 

I enjoyed some mixed olive sourdough bread yesterday, weighed it all out too, a good veggie meal with a bit of protein cheese spread and some salad.  I also had some ‘warming and spicy buffalo cauliflower bites with paprika and buffalo dressing.’  As you can see the finished dish didn’t look like the packet, maybe I should’ve cooked it a bit longer, it tasted okay though, wouldn’t go crazy for it again. But I do like roasted cauliflower, so maybe experiment with that idea myself.

I’m looking forward to my meetings this week, we’re going to be looking at budget meal planning, should hopefully come out with some good ideas and my dinners planned for the foreseeable.  I’m going to make a curry today though, chicken to be used in the fridge, I’m aware I’ve slipped from my 100% honest tracking so that can be part 2 of today’s challenge, pay attention and track honestly.

I need a coffee this morning to get me alert, feel a little not with it, think that’s because mom woke me at 4am, good job we weren’t late to bed.

Right I’m off, short one this morning, almost half way through June though and you’ve done all those challenges so far.  Catch ya tomorrow BeYOUtiful. Let’s focus on the healthy & happy, I’m with you, together we will do this!

Oh and if you're looking for something tasty to do with that tin of salmon that's been in your cupboard since Christmas, this is lush;

Salmon rarebit  6SP per slice

  • 300ml skimmed milk (4SP)
  • 100g halffat Cheddar, grated (8SP)
  • 40g plain flour in the cupboard (4SP)
  • 1 tsp wholegrain mustard in the cupboard
  • 213g can red salmon, drained and flaked in the cupboard
  • 4 slices wholemeal bread (8SP) a few rocket leaves

  1. Place the milk in a pan with the Cheddar, flour and mustard and cook over a low heat, whisking continuously, until you have a smooth, thickened mixture. Remove from the heat and fold in the salmon.
  2. Toast the bread lightly on both sides then top one side of each with the salmon and cheese mix. Place it under a hot grill for 2-3 minutes until golden brown and bubbling. Serve with rocket to garnish.

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