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Monday, 25 June 2018

I'll never stop trying...

25th June 2018
The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your home.

Well it’s a glorious morning and I’ve been out walking with Alfie for half hour, my knees clicking lovely and my lower back hurts, it wasn’t hurting until I did the washing up. It seems my body doesn’t like to stand, I’ve got the doctors today and I’m waiting for the “you’re overweight” line and being told that losing some pounds would help my knee, but the other knees okay and thats holding the same weight up!

I’m not gonna be getting a weight loss again this week and I wished that bothered me but it doesn’t, the only thing that bothers me right now is being content and making it through each day patient with mom, I’d be lying if I said that was easy. Some days are, Saturday was great, Friday was half and half Sunday was bloody hard work. Now if I could just have that click that makes me really want the weight loss and turn it into a project almost that would be brilliant but it’s not happening. Doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying though, I’ll start again today with eggs and do what I can to limit any damage and survive the storm that is Alzheimer’s!

I’ve got maintenance sussed, I mostly eat healthy so it’s not all bad, we’ve got pizza today, the M&S ones so only about 12SP, I’ll have egg and tomatoes on toast for breakfast so that’ll only cost me 3SP and I’ve got a leftover chicken breast I can have for tea, might buy a salad bowl to go with it, oh to go to sleep and wake up a stone lighter. As if!


Well I’ve walked Alfie and just been to get the papers, the force in me is strong today, my favourite chips were in the chiller section all reduced and I’ve left them there!  Oh yeah, check me out…

  Yesterday I removed the skin from the chicken and let Alfie have that too.

I may not be dropping a pound a week or going down dress sizes, but I am making healthy choices, keeping my sanity at a very difficult time in my life and focusing on all the wonderful positives that I do have in my world that can’t be measured by a set of scales. 

I’ve bought bananas, strawberries, peppers, cucumber, mushrooms and iceberg lettuce, those will do me much more good than the best chips on the planet, I had them yesterday with my chicken and veg, so good.  Today’s salad will be equally as good, I love a wedge of iceberg with some WW garlic and herb dressing on.  I’ve just got to make the effort and remind myself good food is also delicious.

Right I’ve got a lot to do this morning in my office, then I have 2 appointments one with the doctor for my knee, the other with the nurse for the horrid smear test – as vile as it is ladies, make sure you get yours when it’s due, it’s far better than what could happen if you don’t have it!

Ooo you need a challenge, well as I’ve already just planned my meals for the day, that can be our challenge today, to plan all your meals for today.  I might even sit in the garden later and take a photo of the contents of my fridge / cupboards and work out a week of meals, if it’s planned I might be more likely to stick to it.

Here’s to a great day, the first of a great week.  Let’s do this. 

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