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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Here's to surviving Saturday!

2nd June 2018

Adjust that crown and get your day started. 

That's two days in the bag, ended on 29SP, boom!  I’m impressed with myself to say I didn’t go to work so more time to be tempted, it ain’t easy though, especially when you like good food, I could’ve easily added another 15 to that with having one of the dishes that came with my food delivery!   I 100% honest tracked though, every single thing, I turned down an offer of a bag of Walkers cheese and onion and numerous offers of biscuits.  Now to do it again.

Day 2’s challenge, well obviously I’m hoping you’ll continue to track 100% honest because that is the best way to get your weight losses.   Add some water to your day today, that’s the easy challenge to add to the hard 100% tracking.  I don’t expect you to drown yourself but make sure you have a glass with each meal, yeah you can add a little squash if you can’t stand water (I’ll never understand that).

I had to rush out yesterday morning so I didn’t have breakfast, grabbed a banana as soon as I got back but then didn’t eat till 1ish and I enjoy it so much.  I had an egg wrap, seriously you need these in your life, I put a bit of protein cheese in mine but you can stuff them with anything you fancy, I’m thinking they’d be nice stuff with rice and veggies.  Easy to make it’s just whizzed egg, dry fried.  Now I say easy but only if you have the best frying pan in the world or one of these Teflon pan liner (get on Amazon they’re cheap and worth every penny)
This is what the teflon liners look like. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsKCosu_JXI is a video to show how I did it, but with the liner instead of oil.  One website I looked at flipped theres, I suppose you could do that but I find that when you roll them they carry on cooking a little anyway. 

I had some dry fried veggies with it and I coated tofu in the left over egg and fried them with a bit of protein cheese.  It was a tasty meal and all for 1SP.

I wasn’t over hungry yesterday so I took advantage of it and for tea enjoyed a bowl of crispy lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes to with a zero WW garlic and herb dressing and then had that with a packet satay chicken sticks for 4SP.

Of course then I had a couple of glasses on wine and wanted something to pick on so I had this, a packet of delicious WW tomato and herb bruschetta topped with a seriously spreadable lighter creamy square.  Then I fancied a since of bread, I hadn’t had one for days so that’s how I ended my day with a slice of spread and spread.  After all it’s not all about perfection, its okay not to get a blue dot on your WW app.  I’m in this for the long haul, not the quick results, I need to find a way to stay on track with the life I have and enjoy the food I love.

Now I’ve been hankering after a pot noodle for days because they’re reduced to £1 in the Co-op and I see them every time I walk in to get the papers, I know they’re never as good as you expect them to be so at some point I’m going to attempt to make my own.

All you’d need is some dried egg noodes or the straight to wok noodles.  (cooked as per instructions, then drained).

Get some chicken or beef stock, some frozen veggies, any cooked meat you have, soy sauce or a bit of curry paste and cook through.  If you wanted it thicker, you’d mix a bit of cornflour with a couple of teaspoons of cold water and add to the pan, or you could add some gravy granules if you want a beef flavoured one.   Add the noodles, reheat and serve.  Mmm, I fancy that now, I need to get some noodles.  Asda have dried noodles for 59p, straight to wok for 90p.  I’m guessing you can get them even cheaper in Aldi or Lidls.

Anyway I have a long working day today, got an area meeting this afternoon, going to be a real rush to get there for half twelve too, I’m not sure I’ll get Alfie walked, I might fit in a 20 min drag which doesn’t impress me at all.  I don’t like to rush any more than is necessary so I better get on with my day.

But before I do, if you’ve been in my house you’ll already know I do love my scentsy, it’s all over the place, wax warmers and nice smells.  Well they’ve launched their summer stuff and I feel the need to treat myself, so I’ve started a basket party, personally I’m eyeing up the shell warmer plus some waxes and maybe the new scent circles.  I hope you will have a look at all the stuff on offer it really does make your house smell devine, you can order directly through the link or message me and I’ll get Fay to get in touch with you.
https://fme.scentsy.co.uk/party/9362367/bevs-summer-surprise   At least you won’t gain weight from it!

Right here’s to 30 days of June, day 2.  We will survive, it’s not going to be easy, heck it’s Saturday afterall, my area meeting has a coffee morning with cake to raise money for Alzheimers so I need to take a cake tin and bring the stuff home for mom but resist temptation myself as I need to save my wine points.  Have you got a survival plan for today? Let’s do this BeYOUtiful.

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