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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

What's for breakfast?

5th June 2018
Your body hears everything your minds says – stay positive.

Did you manage yesterday’s challenge to let go of negativity and focus on the positives all day long today?  If you tried did you catch yourself going to be negative and turn it round?  Okay what shall we have as our challenge today?

Are you still honest tracking?  Are you still drinking some water?  Okay today’s challenge is to have fruit and / or vegetables with every meal today, so that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner or aim for 6 portions. 

Now I know fruit ain’t cheap, especially if you’re on a budget you’ll think twice about some of it, I picked up a tray of strawberries in the Co-op yesterday morning and that cost me £3, tinned and frozen can work out cheaper and is just as good for you and buy home branded, you don’t have to go for named brands.  Buying what’s in season too will always be cheaper.   Dried beans are a cheap way of adding to your 5 a day.  Buying from a fruit and veg shop rather than the supermarket too.

And I know I don’t think twice about spending a fiver on a bottle of wine, so £3 for strawberries ain’t so bad then.

How can we get more in our day?

For breakfast you could have a slice of melon or a grapefruit.  Maybe add banana or soft berries to your cereal.  I prefer to add chopped up veggies to my eggs – onions, peppers, spinach, tomatoes.

Then if you make a sandwich add some salad, maybe have a bowl of vegetable soup, or a nice big salad. 

Fruit is always good to have with lunch and maybe some raw veggie sticks to nibble on.  These can also be used as a good snack. 

Mix frozen fruit with yogurt for a bit of something sweet.

Then for dinner you can add a side salad, or some steamed veggies.  Frozen veggies make this easy to do.  Roast vegetables are delicious.  If you’re having rice, throw in some frozen peas for the last few minutes.

A great quick meal is to make vegetable quesadillas, any veggie covered in cheese and folded between a tortilla? So simple, you could use grated carrot, diced peppers, onion, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, some black beans maybe, and use low fat cheddar or protein cheese and you have a quick, nutritious meal add a bowl of soup to that and you won’t be hungry trust me. 

Or what about a veggie curry or a stew?

Once you’ve got into the habit of eating plenty of fruits and veggies, then the next steps is to include more colour.  All of them contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that may help prevent illnesses and disease.  BY eating different coloured fruit and veg you will get the best from all the various nutrients.   

Okay let’s eat those fruit and veggies today, easy enough challenge there really but some of you will find it difficult I know.

How was my day yesterday?  Not bad at all, when I eventually ate, I had fruit for breakfast, banana and Satsuma, I did buy some reduced oranges from the Co-op so mom and me shared a couple of them too.

I did a roast chicken dinner later on, roast and boiled carrots, roast onion, sprouts, Yorkshire, mash (to use up the last few potatoes) and gravy.
Later on I ate the leftover veggies, mash and gravy with a slice of bread and that was me for the day. 

I managed to resist snacking, that’s because I’m distracting myself doing other things, reminding myself I want to lose some weight and making sure I’m eating well.  Snacking is a habit for sure, I’m going to continue to try and break it.

I’m making bone broth with the chicken carcass, it’s in the slow cooker and will stay there for at least 12 hours according to the website I found (can’t find it again now!) but she said the longer, the better.  Make’s a good healthy drink that’s good for you, I’m hoping to get mom to drink some because she’s not eating much proper food these days.

Oh she woke me at 2am this morning, she’d obviously been dreaming and was asking if they were still here.  Her dream sounded horrible, murder the lot, from a family get together!  I calmed her down and we both went back to sleep eventually. I hope that’s not a premonition for her birthday shindig!

Anyway, to work I must go, time for a shower before she wakes again hopefully.  I’m going to go see what to have for breakfast, I have a couple of veggie ready meals in the fridge so will have one of those today to tie in with our challenge.

Catch ya tomorrow BeYOUtiful. Let’s focus on the healthy & happy, I’m with you, together we will do this xx

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