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Sunday, 3 June 2018

I’m with you, together we will do this

3rd June 2018
Staying on track is tough, but so are you…

Well I survived, I ended my day on 49SP and I’ll take that for a Saturday where I left the house not having time for breakfast, where I was going straight to an area meeting that was full of cake for a coffee morning, yeah I’m chuffed.  How did I do it? I stopped at the Tesco Express on the way and bought this lot;

2 boiled eggs with spinach for £1.50, ridiculous price but better than gaining weight and I bet a Mcdonalds breakfast would have cost me more.  Note for next Friday, hard boil some eggs ready for Saturday morning.  I had them with believe it or not a handful of carrots I’d picked up from the fridge as I rushed out.  Can I just add carrots are going to be my new go to angry / stressed food, they are great to BITE when you’re wound up!  I realised when I eat when I’m angry and/or stressed I don’t actually taste the food, I just need to be doing something with my hands and mouth other than gesticulating and swearing whilst I calm down!

After a real rush, we finally got to the area meeting and I put mom some cakes in a tin and I helped myself to some fruit, which I have to say I actually really enjoyed, the Satsuma was so good (need to buy some – hope they’ll be as good), the strawberries were delicious too, it’s the best month to buy them. 
A handful of grapes too and a litre of water (yeah I did yesterday’s challenge), then I’d got a salad bowl and a packet of chicken breast slices and I had my salad.  They kept me going till I got home.

Where I had chicken and chorizo tortelli, topped with a bit of parmesan and asparagus.  I knew I’d end up eating the entire packet because mom would say she wasn’t hungry so I’d planned for it, 14SP of so good, I’d only used 1SP all day for milk in my tea, chuffed or what. 
We all know I’m having wine and I also enjoyed this for 8SP as it was use by 2nd June and I wasn’t throwing it out, plus I had the munchies after the wine, I will plan for this going forward.

All in all not a bad day at all, oh I had a sneaky slice of bread and spread before bed, it was the 400g loaf so a small slice but this Saturday was a huge improvement on last weeks.

Today’s challenge is, to read these books again (or for the first time for some of you!) it won’t take long but it will be worth it because let’s be honest we all get complacent and forget stuff.  I truly hope you’ll carry on honest tracking, it’s keeping me focused, making me think, do I really want to use those points?

Right I’m off to start my day, Alfie is talking to me, whilst I’m out I’m going to think about my meals, I will get some salmon out the freezer, make the most of the zero stuff, I’m never gonna go sober so I need to sort the plan to suit me!

If you’re loving Flex and WW, why not invite a friend, on your app there’s a link, if you click on it you can send the link to your friends via email, messenger, facebook all different ways, then when they sign up you both get a free month* (see all the gumph at bottom of blog to find out more https://cmx.weightwatchers.co.uk/nui/invite-a-friend

Here’s to surviving another day, and no it isn’t easy, anyone who says it is (Lucy) has lost their mind a little!  It’s the hardest thing I ever have to do, I love eating, moms sitting there offering me Walkers Cheese & Onion, biscuits and cake and I’m having to say NO when sometimes I just want to say yes but I’ve just looked at the pile of clothes on the floor of my bedroom – why are they there?  Well partly because I’m a tramp but mostly because that’s where they landed when I tried to get in them and couldn’t because my ass grew, this is my motivation to fit back in them and to actually fit in the dress I bought last summer saying “oh it’ll fit me if I lose half stone”, I’ll probably hate it, if and when I ever came get it on but it’s sneering at me, hanging in the middle of the rack, so just for day, I’ll say “No, thank you” when mom offers me some of her stash.

Catch ya tomorrow BeYOUtiful. I’m with you, together we will do this xx

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