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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Make it "ALL ABOUT ME" sometimes

6th June 2018
Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

Did you do yesterday’s challenge? Fruit and vegetables at every meal or at least 6 throughout the day, I did quite well, for breakfast

Breakfast was avocado, bacon, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes on toast. 9SP
Lunch was a roasted vegetable lasagne, so lots of veggies in there and a side of asparagus. 15SP

Dinner was chicken and bacon pancakes with a side salad of cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes dressed with a WW garlic and chive dressing sachet. 6SP

I also ate a few strawberries, yeah I easily did the challenge.  Now for todays.

Your challenge today, is to make sure you get some #metime or you plan some in for this week.

This year I’ve remembered how important it is to slow down when I can and take time to do the things I enjoy, after all, what’s the point of being here if we don’t!  I sure don’t want to spend all my hours working to pay the bills, then sleeping.

I will work in my office this morning but if the sun shines, I’ll be having me an hour in the garden with my crochet and the radio.  I shall listen to my audiobook whilst walking the dog, I don’t care how long he takes when I don’t have to be at work, I’m happy to wander around.

Why’s me time important? Well according to the good, old experts, here are a few reasons we need some alone time;

It reboots our brains
Helps us unwind
Improves our concentration
Makes us more productive
Gives us space for self-discovery
Allows time for deep thinking
Aids in problem solving
Enhances our relationships

There’s enough reasons for me, I love to spend time alone, did you know that some studies have found that a lack of privacy or ‘me’ time is a bigger cause of unhappy marriages that unsatisfying sex!

I know everyone’s busy, so it’s quality not quantity that’s important.  What’s your favourite way to spend your free time?  How can you find some valuable time.  Maybe wake up earlier?  I set my clock an hour earlier so I can blog!   Could you temporarily unplug your gadgets, take your lunch in the park, make a date with yourself, I know a lot of my members put their WW meeting in their diary no matter what. 

Taking care of yourself stops you from burn out so don’t feel guily, it’ll make you a better person, parent, partner and friend.  We can’t pour from an empty jug.

How are you going to spend your me time, how can you grab yourself a little extra.  I’m loving online food shopping, I have the app on my phone and when I run out of something I just add it to the next shop, I can even browse whilst chilling in the garden, it’s saving me at least 2 hours a week of not having to go and look round a store, it’s saving me money too because I’m not tempted by stuff.

Right, that’s my hour up, I have things to do, places to walk the dog, breakfast to eat, mom to sort, then a garden to sit in and relax before work tonight.  Here’s to an honest tracking day, finishing my pint of water and enjoying life.  You with me BeYOUtiful?  

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