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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Good food, good company, good times

16th June 2018
“What if” = fear / “Even if” = confidence

I had my idea of a wonderful day yesterday, the few bits and bobs of shopping I needed were delivered saving me a trip to the supermarket, I used that time to make a curry in the kitchen which I’ll be eating today.  Then I went and enjoyed a massage which completely chilled me out, came back and had a relaxing bath, then had an hour with mom before my bestie picked me up and we went for a long, late lunch.  Finishing my day off with an evening in front of the tele with mom.  Such a good day, the food was delicious too, not very Weight Watcher friendly on the points but I didn’t care, I was out to enjoy myself, I wasn’t concerning myself with points.  I did leave most of the chips, the batter off the onion rings (I don’t like it) and… actually the starter was so good, I left most of my main except the epic fillet steak, I ate that no problem at all!  Oh and I’ve finally found my dessert, see I’m not a big eater of puddings they fill me up and make me feel a bit sick but ice cream it turns out doesn’t, that’s probably something I didn’t need to fathom out, but now I know it, I can’t un know it.  Yeah an absolutely wonderful day that will keep me going through the tough days.  Oh, and even better because we used Tesco vouchers to pay for the food so it cost me hardly anything.
 we shared the starter, those sausages - oh wow, I do love a good sausage and they were most definitely good.  we didn't eat the pate in that jar (not a fan).  This was 31SP for half, but leaving the pate saved us some! 
I'm impressed they do their nutritional info on their website https://www.chefandbrewer.com/allergens-and-nutrition/

Okay, we need a challenge for today – take time for something you enjoy, what do you enjoy doing?  I love to read (well listen to books on my phone), sitting in the garden listening to the radio, crocheting, walking Alfie when I’ve not got to be somewhere else, spending time with those I love, laughing, watching a good movie.  Something I enjoy that I haven’t done for a while is meditate, I might try that today.  I also hope to get mom watching the Crown, we’ve never seen it but it’s supposed to be good and Lynne reckons mom will enjoy it.   I also enjoy cooking and eating, especially when it’s something that’s good for me, my chicken curry works out at 12SP for the jar of Rendang Paste, then 11SP for the half can of half fat coconut milk, so the whole thing is 23SP, there’s easily 4 portions, 6SP a portion.

Not the best weather forecast today so I think I’ll give mom my undivided attention and we can sit and watch the Crown, see what she thinks.  She’s loving America’s got Talent, but that’s not on again till 21st, we were both chuffed with the golden buzzer last night.

Here’s to another day, I’ve got a lovely morning meeting to go enjoy before my weekend officially begins and I plan to make it a good one and a relaxed one.

Here’s to an excellent day, staying on track(ish) catch ya tomorrow BeYOUtiful. Let’s focus on the healthy & happy, I’m with you, together we will do this!

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