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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Slow cooker at the ready

13th January 2018
I may not be there, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.

A lovely lady bought me a book for Christmas ‘the things you can see only when you slow down’ I haven’t got round to reading it yet – I think that says it all!  I’ll start that this weekend, in my defence, I did slow down over Christmas but spent the time watching movies and crocheting, holding a book stops me holding the hook. 

Weigh day again, mmm it won’t be brill but I survived a very busy week, managed to fill my journal in as well, I’ll take whatever the scales say again, like I’ve said January isn’t my best month for weight loss but I’ll do what I can, I’m eating very healthy meals.

Yesterday I had stew for breakfast and dinner – I can’t help it, I love the stuff when it’s made.  Lunch was lighter, a tuna mayo sandwich with sugar free jelly, yogurt and banana.  I did get attacked by some of moms maltesers after my tea though.

I’m at the ‘my weekly review’ on my journal, it wants to know

Best bits…
Weight loss this week…
My top tip…
Worst bits…
My favourite meal…
Next week I will…

What would you be writing in there?   The best things I ate this week has to be the stew and the stir fry, I hadn’t had one for a long time and it was good. 

My top tip would be to sort your environment – if it isn’t there, you can’t eat it.  I’m planning to cook some chicken and hard boil some eggs and have them in the kitchen to pick at if I get peckish.  I need to break the sweet snacking and craving. 

Best bits, eating the healthy meals, making time to cook.  Worst bit – chocolate and snacking at night – I don’t usually do it and I don’t want to do it, I’m not even a fan of chocolate, it’s what was bought me for Christmas.

Next week I will…
Be more prepared, make sure any danger snacks are not in my house.  Stay on track for the week, prove I can do it even in January!

Prepared – I have one last bowl of stew in the fridge, I’ve defrosted chicken which I’ll cook later on my George Foreman, can either have a sandwich or chicken and rice.  Tomorrow I’ll make a cottage pie and curry – we got this, the healthy meals anyway. 

I fancy eggs for breakfast I think, maybe a sandwich, we’ll see.   I might actually through those chicken breasts in the slow cooker before I go out and they’ll be done by the time I get back, could put some carrots, onions and cannellini beans in too, experiment a little, I’ve got some sundried tomatoes left, they could go in too, ooo I’m off to do that quick before I get ready for work.

Catch ya tomo!

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