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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Had a lie in didn't I!

10th January 2018
All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.

Check me out, lying in bed and I hear mom say ‘Bev, are you here?’ I’d only slept in, half seven, how fab is that!  I don’t have to be anywhere early on a Wednesday morning so lying in is okay.  I was a bit gutted to pick my phone up and see a cry for help from another coach who needed her meeting covered this morning urgently and I wouldn’t be able to get there, if I’d woke at my usual 5am I’d have made it.  Shows I must have been tired, but it also shows I must be relaxed enough to sleep in, I’m putting that down to getting my work/life balance back.

I had a busy day yesterday, still made time to cook, so don’t tell me you haven’t got the time, this is my busiest time of the year and I’m doing it.  It really is too easy to let everything else take priority, but sometimes we need to say ‘no’ and realise you’re important too.  I had delicious food yesterday, starting with an omelette, using up the chopped pepper and mushroom from the fridge and a bacon medallion, so that only cost me 1 Smart Point. 

For lunch I made 1sp soup using a tin of butter beans, a chopped onion, couple of diced up bacon medallions & some stock (I used a mushroom stock pot and the liquid from the tin of beans), then whizzed it all up.  Now I’ve found a way to eat beans, not keen on the texture of them so having to find other things to do with them.  They’re good for me and zero Smart Points – I will learn to like!  Had that with a couple of slices of 400g Weight Watcher bread and low fat spread.
Then for my tea I went all out and spent 15SP on Nyonya chicken and brown basmati rice, a delicious way to end the day.  I was so glad I cooked this at the same time as the soup as I had a good hour’s paperwork to do when I got home.
The meetings were amazing yesterday, everyone’s loving Flex and we’ve got lots of new members coming to find out about it because they’ve heard all about it and how successful it is.  It’s going to be a great week for results, a staggering 170lb lost yesterday on my scales, that’s over 12 stone!  AMAZING!

Talking about incredible weight losses check out this lady, Karen is only 2lb away from achieving her 10 stone target, now that’s remarkable!  She is also the first to tell anyone that she’s struggled many times and attempted to lose weight without much luck, we’ve known each other about 7 1/2 years (I know cos we met at dog training, when Alfie failed spectacularly).  A few years ago she was diagnosed with diabetes and it was the thing she needed to make her do something, here we are at the start of 2018 and not only had she lost 10 stone, but she’s reversed her diabetes and is now training to do a 5k run!  Karen made the time and prioritised herself and her health.  You can too once you realised you’re worth it and deserve it.

She’s not very well this week, it would be lovely if you followed this link, liked her post and maybe left a comment to cheer her up. 
https://www.facebook.com/WWBev/photos/a.246563807350.143076.133361767350/10156034069902351/?type=3&theater, whilst you’re there, make sure you like my page if you haven’t already.  Help me share the Flex effect with everyone out there who needs it. 

Now what to eat today, I’ve not planned anything, I fancy a big beef stew but Penn Road butchers isn’t bringing that till tonight, so I’ll cook that tomorrow.  If I’m going to defrost something, it’ll have to be fish now as chicken won’t defrost that quickly.  I do have chicken & chive sausages, I could do that toad out of the hole again, that was really good and a cheap meal, plus it’s using up what I already have in the cupboards.  I do really need to do a shop though, moms needs teacakes, Alfie needs food, we all need bread and milk – it’s relentless ain’t it this being a domestic goddess!

Right I’m off, things to do, places to be.  Midweek already, let’s make Wednesday wonderful shall we BeYOUtiful? 

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