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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Here's to a good day.

23rd January 2018

Magic happens when you do not give up, even though you want to.  The universe falls in love with a stubborn heart.

I’m loving my bed right now, sleep is my friend, we were there before 9 last night and I’ve woke a few times in the night, the first time was 11.53pm, oh how fab was that to know I could go back to sleep and still have a night’s sleep, loved it.  Been up since half four as got stuff I have to do before going to my meeting. 

Looking forward to seeing what’s going on at the scales again this week, adding to that 108 stone 2018 total, yep it’s gonna rise.  I’m also hoping with payday on the horizon I’ll be seeing more members returning, there’s 30% off the 3 months plan when bought online before the meetings, that’s a good offer.

I’m only running out of eggs – that’s always a sign it’s time to shop, I’ll go in the morning and stock up on everything.  I used the sweet potato yesterday had to throw the one away it was minging, so with the other one I added some butternut squash and used an out of date curry paste / spices kit, it tasted alright to me!  I slow cooked my little joint of beef all day on a bed on onions and we’ll have that for dinner today I think with mash, peas and gravy, oh and of course a yorkie, I’m sure there’s a few in the freezer.  Will get some salmon out to defrost, just found a pinterest suggestion for parmesan crusted salmon, they’d mixed it with a bit of mayo, sounds good. 

I roasted the leftover butternut squash and some peppers yesterday too but mom wasn’t hungry when it came to feeding her so I think I’ll whizz them up today and make soup, could whizz in some chick peas or cannellini beans to make the soup creamier for no extra Smart Points. 

Ooo just looking through my facebook group and getting lots of ideas for meals, I might have a bacon and egg medallion sarnie for breakfast, looked good, nah I’ll save that for a tea one night, I want something lower in points for brekkie.

Anyway I need to get stuff done so I’ll keep this short, let’s have a great day BeYOUtiful, you got this!  Let's all have a cracking good week, even if we aren't perfect, we can still do good

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