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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Little by little, day by day

6th January 2018
Never try quitting and never quit trying.
Got to the end of my first week of my journal, it’s not been particularly pretty, after all, the weekend was New Year and I was still in holiday mindset, it has improved as the weeks gone on and next week’s going to be even better.  I’ll be surprised if the scales have gone down but as long as they’ve not gone up I’ll be pleased, even if they have gone up, it’ll just make me more determined and remind me that you can only push the plan so much.

In my Weight Watcher journal as I finish week one, there’s a suggestion about your phone being the perfect place to leave yourself a motivational reminder, a little pick me up whenever you glance at it – which for most of us, is a lot of the time.  I’m going to have a look for something, a bit of inspirational wallpaper, Pinterest is a great to have a browse, find something that really speaks to you. 

Okay, I’ve done a week - am I thin yet?  If only, it doesn’t work like that does it, this journal has 12 weeks in it, hopefully by the end of those 12 weeks, I’ll have stuck with it and I’ll be able to feel the difference as well as see it.   It takes me to the end of March, just as spring is about to arrive and my favourite half of the year begins.  Be nice to be able to fit in my shorts again by then.

What is they say, summer bodies are made in the winter months and as the page I’m looking at in my journal says “Little by little, day by day”. 

I made wise food choices again yesterday, for breakfast I had the best omelette with sundried tomatoes (2sp) and a little parmesan cheese (1sp).

My dinner was lush, I did the savoury chicken breast sausage meat (1sp) as little patties that when cooked sat in the Yorkshire puddings (4sp), covered them with onion gravy (2sp) and had them with butternut squash fries and peas – total 8sp
For tea I had the other half of the curry I made Wednesday for 8sp.

The last few days has proven if I think about it my food is not going to be a problem, I’ve truly enjoyed all my meals, eating less is helping my finance too which is a good thing.  My challenge this week is going to be to make sure the wine I consume is within my weekly allowance and maybe using a few FitPoints if needed.  I can do this.  Repeat that out lout “I can do this”.

I finally went to the supermarket and I was quite proud of myself, I made a list and stuck to it, only bought the must haves like bread, milk and dog food.  I’m still working my way through the freezer, there’s still a good few meals in there to go at.

I’ve just realised I haven’t worked out today’s meal, okay, I have a dying cauliflower in there, I’ll cook it and see how it turns out and if it’s edible, it’s been there since the Friday before Christmas.  Might roast it in the oven with some spices sprinkled on.  Today’s meals need to be simple as I know I won’t want to cook when I get back from meeting and massage.  There’s chicken sausage in there too, ooo could have that with some cauliflower cheese.   I’ll work with that idea, doesn’t sound too difficult and if I can’t even be bothered to do that, there’s a few Weight Watcher ready meals in the freezer.  There is some bacon left in my fridge but it’s quite thick and works out at 4sp a slice some of it, I suppose I could cut off the fat and just use the medallions or I could freeze it for now until I’ve lost a bit and I’m more in control and on track.

I’m fancying egg fried rice this weekend at some point, that’s quick and easy, especially if I use rice that’s already cooked, that would be nice with a slice of bacon chopped up in it. 

Anyway, I need to stop thinking about food, I have a job to get too and wine to plan for, need to save those points, might save me some points by opting for an omelette again this morning, if I only have it with parmesan, it’ll only cost me 1sp, bargain breakfast.  Sorted.

Right, here’s to a great weekend, making week 2 of my journal much healthier and in my Smart Points and spending time on me, doing things I enjoy, relaxing whilst at the same time keeping on top of everything. 

Enjoy your Saturday BeYOUtiful. xx

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