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Friday, 26 January 2018

Flex food and success - YES!

26th January 2018
Every day may not be good but there’s good in every day.

What an incredible day at the scales it was yesterday, 220lb in total shed, just incredible, we’re 18lb shy of 2,000lb already in January, that’s amazing, just amazing!  I’m seeing plenty of smiles too, I’m not going to lie not everyone is smiling, we’re not all losing but if it was easy, we’d all be slim.  We are however focusing on the good as a gang this week, all my members are spending sometime in the meetings (and hopefully afterwards) thinking about the good stuff and I’m really enjoying hearing it and reading it in the group.


And if you’re still to rejoin a meeting, there’s a flash sale on this weekend, 40% off a 3 month meetings and online membership, how great it that, you get 3 months for under £40 – that makes me and any other coach a bargain and let’s be honest we all know that yeah Flex is fabulous but Weight Watchers works because of that group support, I’ve seen so much of it over the last few weeks, when someone is upset, there’s always a comforting hand nearby.   Part of the joy of being a coach is watching someone go from feeling low to flying high, I’ve seen a lot of that since the launch of Flex, members who were struggling last year are now loving flex and doing fantastically well, Nicky last night got her 2 stone and told me she's dancing all the time now, Michelle got her stone and a half, that’s just two that spring to mind. 

One lady who will agree that WW works because of the group support is Pam, she celebrated 4 years at goal this week, she joined 5 years ago and has lost 6 stone, 35% of her body weight gone forever.  Pam only misses meetings if she’s on holiday, every week she’s there on the front row enjoying every minute of her hour, actually it’s more than an hour for her as she comes early most weeks – there’s so much to catch up on with the other members!
Another lady who was doing fab was Stacey, she lost 5 stone because she wanted so badly to have a baby and it worked, yesterday she posted to say she lost the weight to get her miracle baby and now she was back to lose her weight again, having done her first stone yesterday, her words, “I did this to get her, now I'm doing it for her to have a happy healthy mommy!”  We all have our reasons, work out your WHY and keep it close by.

Despite a very busy day, I had another 3 good meals yesterday, I made cheesy beans for breakfast using the WW grated cheese that I’d bought, for lunch I used up the last wrap out of that tortilla kit I’d had and topped it with some tomato puree, tomato, mushroom, onion and cheese to make a pizza wrap.  Then for tea I had similar to last night, donor meat (I put it on a skewer on my George Foreman), served it with the flatbread, coleslaw mix with some mint and yogurt, it was good.

I’ve now stopped paying attention to my blog if I’m honest, I’m now messing about on the internet looking for recipe ideas, I’m thinking about doing cook demo’s in my meeting next week so looking for inspiration.

I’m gonna get off and focus on one thing at a time, looking forward to catching up with my Essington members later but until then I think I might need to have a play around in the kitchen, test a couple of ideas.  Yay did I mention yesterday was payday – whoop whoop!

Here’s to a fabulous FLEXtastic Friday, we got this BeYOUtiful!

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