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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Good food, it's just amazing

17th January 2018
Be who you want to be, not what other people want to see.

Early one for me this morning, woke up at 4, wasn’t tired and started thinking about all the things I could get done this morning, I plan to give the downstairs floor a good hoover and mop whilst moms in bed as a bit of glass escaped my first clear up when mom smashed the glass jar, so hopefully another going through will get any pieces that might still be lurking.

Yesterday was a delicious surprise!  I went basic for breakfast, egg sandwich as hard boiled eggs are portable.  I had the cottage pie I’d made Sunday for lunch, it was amazing if I do say so myself, I’d added a glug of port to the mince and I have to say it was worth the extra points for the richness it added to the meal. 

For tea I’d taken a piece of trout out of the freezer, however that trout turned out to be cod (I didn’t read the label obviously), anyway I through a bit of chorizo on it, 100g of tinned potatoes, some spring onions and broccoli and baked it in foil for about half hour whilst I got my paperwork done, oh it was amazing, definitely a cook again type of meal.

I’m going to make Japanese style salmon stir fry today I think, the recipe is on page 70 of January’s Weight Watchers magazine and was recommended to me by a member who’d made it last week.

I’ve also got some turkey mince in the fridge that I think I’ll be making turkey and chorizo burgers with, although I do like the idea of turkey meatballs, here’s some recipe suggestions I’ve found online;

Or maybe I’ll mix the mince and chorizo together add a few herbs and make a meatloaf shape then pop it in the slow cooker to cook slowly, then I can slice it and have it on those last couple of taco wraps with a bit of salad, mmm yeah that’s the one.

Oh I do love good food, don’t you?

There’s been a lot of talk of houmous on my Facebook group, here’s an easy recipe taken from February’s WW mag;

Coriander and Lime Houmous

Draing and rinse a 400g tin chickpeas, then put them in a food processor with 1 large garlic clove.  2tbsp 0% fat natural greek yogurt, 1tbsp tahini, 1/2tbsp olive oil, the jouice of 1 lime, a handful of fresh coriander and 2tbsp water.  Blitz until you have a chunk textured houmous.  Add more water if you prefer it smoother.  Serves 4 – 1sp per serving.  

There’s some great dips and other recipes in the mag this month.

Anyway, I’ve got a floor to clean, I’m not impressed to see the white stuff outside, I’m relieved it’s just a sprinkling for us at the moment, those poor folk stuck on the Scottish motorway so I won’t moan too much about it.

Here’s to making it through the midweek slump – we can make it to the weekend BeYOUtiful, stay strong.

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