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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Find what moves you!

30th January 2018
Think like the person you want to become

How nice is it to wake up and read lovely comments that have been written about you!  That’s what I’ve done this morning, when I logged on to Facebook, reading the things my members have written makes me feel like I’m doing something right, that’s for sure.   https://www.facebook.com/weightwatchersuk/photos/a.155231741179119.23551.140213752680918/1574835125885433/?type=3&theater I may not be the best Weight Watcher in the world, but I’m a pretty decent Weight Watcher coach according to them.

I enjoyed my day off yesterday, yeah I did a little work, well actually a couple of hours, but it was worth it, then I went shopping to get some ingredients as we’re cooking in the meeting this week, yep, plus tonight I have one of my members young daughters selling her cooks and bakes and cuppas for charity, she’s made lemony couscous, fruit and banana loaf, flapjacks and a fruit cake – how fab is that.  Brooke has worked really hard and is raising money for Lepra which is a UK-based international charity working to beat leprosy.  How fab is that, hopefully we’ll raise a few pounds tonight whilst enjoying a cuppa.

Now I made the rookie error of buying a packet of bread rolls yesterday – 8 in the pack!  Well I had one for my breakfast, one for lunch and another for tea, it was all gonna end in tears wasn’t it.  They were so good though…
To distract me from the bread rolls, my lovely curtain lady came to hang my new curtains for me, it’s not as easy as you’d think you know, when they’ve been made for you rather than bought from a shop, you can’t half tell the difference – I’ve got to say I’m glad she hung them, we had to leave them open last night to give them chance to settle (she used technical terms), that’s weird sitting with your living room light on when it’s pitch black outside, waiting for someone to appear at the window in a freaky CSI kind of way – yeah we watch way too many episodes of those type of programmes, mom loves them.  All I’ll say is don’t ever upset either of us because we know way too many ways to kill ya ;)

I nipped to Sainsbury’s to buy stuff for the cooking in meetings, we’re experimenting by the way – I have no recipe, just ingredients!  This’ll either be brilliant or horrendous, either way it’ll be fun, especially as we’re gonna cover activity at the same time, lol.

Anyway whilst at Sainsbury’s I remembered that I’ve fancied ice cream for a good few days now, so I ended up in the freezer aisle and found this;

Let’s be honest sometimes you just need ice cream and this one was a ‘healthier’ option although I couldn’t tell from the taste of it, 2 scoops (100ml) 4SP or the tub on a really bad day 20SP, Oppo healthy Ice Cream, Madagascan vanilla – yeah I somehow managed not to sit there with a spoon and consume the lot, although I wanted too.  Just as I’d forgot about it, one of my members commented on my post and reminded me again.  We ended up going to bed before I fetched it out the freezer thankfully.
I was woken by the wails of foxes in the early hours of this morning, so it appears it’s that time of year, great joy, but we shall focus on the positives, if they’re doing that, Spring is on its way.

I’ve mentioned briefly that we’re talking activity in meetings this week, the mere word puts so many people off, which is why it’s important to focus on what you enjoy doing rather than what you think you should do!  Find what’s fun – what moves you so to speak, when my manager asked the question in our area group “so what is it that moves you? What do you enjoy doing to get your fitpoints?”  Without even thinking I wrote ‘hill walking’ although because of my situation I have to settle for dog walking these days.   I do miss spending the day up a mountain in Wales, exploring somewhere I’ve never been or walking the coastline, loved it so maybe this year I need to try and work out a way to just find somewhere to go for a few hours now and again.  It won’t be the same but it’ll be something, we have to work with what we have.  The farmers fields at the top of my estate are lovely and the views are good enough, then there’s Cannock chase and the Wrekin. 

Anyway, time to go get ready for my day, here’s to making it a good one – you up for that BeYOUtiful?

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