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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Find what moves you.

4th January 2018
As you go through life you’ll learn that if you don’t paddle your own canoe – you don’t move.
It’s very, very dark and raining outside but it is winter so what do I expect, yesterday wasn’t much better, high wind and rain, I did however manage to spend an hour in my garden doing a bit of clearing.  I know crazy ay!  I don’t know what came over me if I’m honest, I have decided that this year I plan to sort my back yard but I didn’t mean in January, this month is for looking for ideas and deciding what I’m going to do.  It all started when I went out to do the bins, noticed the green bit was empty, nipped up the garden to count fence panels and work out how big the garden was, then I just started pulling up all the dead foliage and filling a bag and within an hour I’d filled that bin for when they do come to collect it. 

I’m very aware that I need to move more, I just don’t want to do the gym thing, so doing the garden together with walking Alfie is going to be perfect.  Weight Watchers talk about how it’s important to ‘find what moves you’, there’s a booklet about it in week 3 of joining which shines a light on that “good feeling” we experience when we’re being active and how making it fun makes it all the more enjoyable.  For me I’m more likely to be active is it’s productive or has to be done, like Alfie has to be walked, doing my garden with leave me with results, my garden will look beautiful and I’ll enjoy sitting in it.  I also did some housework yesterday, more activity, it has to be done, the house looks better afterwards and I feel good because I have a tidier house.   

Another good day in my journal also, because I’d got so caught up in doing stuff on morning, I didn’t eat till noon, then I enjoyed eggs and beans on toast (8sp), I know you can see some of those little sausage but Alfie ate mine.  Then for tea when I got back I used a Spice Tailor Parsi Dhansak packet to make curry and rice (8sp).   It was a mild flavour, more like an indian gravy sauce – delicious, I’d definitely buy it again, if I can find it as it was a limited edition.

Yeah yesterday was a good day, ending with my meetings on the night, we’re all smiling at our gains this week and realising that it’s okay not to be the perfect loser, every day we learn a little more about ourselves and that’s what’s important.    I even had my very first gold member of the year last night, how wonderful is that, especially as the lovely Laura started in Nov 2016 and is now 60lb lighter, yeah over 4 stone, proof that 1lb a week makes an incredible difference.

My wools arrived to start my blanket from my members, I’m going to look forward to doing that, the colours are so lovely, I bought a pack to start me off but I shall get other colours as I go along, a square at a time, a reminder that nothing is instant, things take time, a blanket is crocheted one square at a time, weight is lost one pound at a time.  If I don’t crochet for a week, I still have the squares I’ve already done, if I don’t focus on my weight loss for a week, I still have all the experience, knowledge and healthy habits I’ve already acquired, so I can return to it and continue my journey.

Right I need to get a wriggle on, it’s my busy day, here’s to another day of love and laughter – oh and staying on track!  One thing I did realise yesterday is keeping busy, enjoying what I’m doing and getting a good night’s sleep appears to mean less on my tracker.

Have a great day BeYOUtiful. x

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