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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Back to being a Weight Watcher

25th January 2018
You give life to what you give energy to – focus on the good.

WOO HOO it’s pay day!  I’ve already spent some of it when I went shopping yesterday, bought some delicious food to eat this week.  I had a winner, winner chicken dinner yesterday then for my tea I had donor meat (100g = 2sp) in a Sainsbury’s flatbread which are only 3sp, I had it with some salad and made some minted yogurt with fat free natural Greek yogurt and mint sauce, I really enjoyed it.  Would’ve enjoyed it more if I’d been able to get a bag of coleslaw mix but Sainsbury’s didn’t have it.  I know Asda do it, would’ve been like a proper kebab with some of that mixed into my minted yogurt.  They didn’t do cod roe either, I want some of that as well, maybe I need a little trip to Asda just for those two things.

I’ve took the step to go back to a meeting, got myself a coach, I’m hoping if I make myself accountable, it’ll help me stay focused knowing someone else is going to weigh me!  I need to take time for me and concentrate on my needs, it’s not easy, there is always so much that can be done elsewhere but I will keep making the effort.

I had a couple of hours in the middle of the day with mom yesterday and we watched tv whilst I crocheted.  My brain was saying ‘you’re sitting round in the middle of the day and there’s loads to do’, then I reminded myself that I had already done a few hours work and I would be at work on the night for another 4 hours at least, plus I had a good 12+ hour day the following day.  I don’t work a normal 9-5 job so it’s ok to sit and relax in the afternoon, it’s what others do at night when I’m at work, plus the sink full of washing up will still be there later, spending time with mom when we’re both good is more important, which has been reinforced this morning as she’s woke up not so good.

Oh did I mentioned my donor meat flatbread, I know it was really good because I actually want it again, could be tonight’s tea, it took minutes to make, I just flattened some of the donor meat I’d had from the Penn Road butchers and put it on my George Foreman.

This recipe looks good!  I’m looking for good chickpea, lentil, bean recipes and this could be a contender https://prettypatel.com/ultimate-masala-chickpea-burgers/  it’s only the oil that needs pointing, so 4sp for a serving, not bad at all, I wouldn’t be tempted to leave the oil out as that’ll help to add some flavour.  I’ll need to check my spices to see if I’ve got everything, think I may need cinnamon sticks but this does sound good, maybe do tomorrow, nothing that needs thought is getting done today, too busy.

If you have any easy to make recipes using chickpea, lentil or beans, send them to me please.  

Ooo her spicy bean burger is a 30 minute recipe https://prettypatel.com/spicy-bean-burger-30-minute-recipe/ 5sp per serving.

Right I’m gonna go take care of mom, it’s no fun getting old you know, we’re talking about focusing on the good this week, so stop for a minute and think about 3 good things that have happened in your world in the past 24 hours, trust me they’re will be something, mine are;
  1. That chicken dinner & Donor flatbread
  2. Remembering healthy food does taste incredible & doesn’t have to mean hours in the kitchen
  3. Being able to do a proper shop as it’s pay day today!

Yeah there were lots more good moments but they were the first 3 that came to mind.  Here’s to another good day, I hope today’s tracker looks as good as yesterdays, because eating this kind of food doesn’t feel like a ‘diet’ at all.

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