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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Bring me caffeine...

11th January 2018
Make the comeback stronger than the setback.

Whatever the scales say this week when you step on them, be proud of yourself for standing on them, for making the effort to get healthy.

It really is essential that I detoxify my environment!  I’d told my members last night how I was going to take the last bit of my Christmas gift chocolates to the food bank today because I can’t resist them when I get home tired, hungry and busy and guess what happened when I got home last night…

Yep, it was gone half nine by the time I’d finished doing paperwork, hadn’t had any tea, nothing to eat since lunchtime around 1pm, and I remembered the milky bar selection pack.

Ten minutes later, I’d murdered the Milky Bar kid more than once, there was 80g of chocolate in that pack, which is 22 Smart Points because I’ve just looked on my app, it’s all tracked in my journal though, I’d eaten low and healthy all day thankfully,

Can't believe how many lovely comments have been put on this post on my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/WWBev/photos/a.246563807350.143076.133361767350/10156034069902351/?type=3&theater, last night when I posted my milky bar blunder in my group, this lovely lady came back with this awesome comment "Good to see the truth of a weight loss journey. Some you win. Some you lose. There's always tomorrow. There's only giving up that's the wrong response to times like this."  How very wise is she?

Chicken sausage, tomatoes, egg, bread and mushrooms for breakfast for 4sp.

Salmon in a crusty roll with butternut squash chips for lunch for 4sp.

This is where I’m glad I saved a couple of points by removing some of the middle from my roll.  I was a little disappointed with the roll, they’re from Sainsbury’s and used to be 4SP, but when I weighed it on my WW Scales yesterday, they came up as 6SP, ain’t worth six are they so I took some of the middle out.  Wished I’d just had the salmon on its own to be honest, or in a couple of slices of ordinary bread, would’ve preferred that. 

I did a food shop yesterday, the basics from Sainsbury’s, some meat from Penn Road butchers, stewing beef for a nice stew, some beef to make the beef masala in this month’s magazine that looks amazing, mince for a cottage pie, just reminding myself that it doesn’t have to be all about the chicken.  I’m wanting some real comfort food today, forgot my carrots though, so will need to pop into a shop later.  

I actually am too busy to do anything today but what I might do is leave all the paperwork that I can till tomorrow and spend an hour cooking today, I could make all three of those meals and freeze them, or at least the stew and the curry.  Anyway, I’m not even properly awake yet, my brains actually not working.  I’ve drunk my water but I need a hot cuppa wake me up juice.

Here’s to not wasting 22sp on something I didn’t really want, I’ve bought me some natural fat free yogurt, might make the peach fool, that’ll be a sweet treat to curb this sweet tooth I seem to have found this week.  If anyone can offer me any other suggestions, I’m sure my members would appreciate them too. 

Melanie on Tuesday made 0 points ice cream, 500g frozen fruit, 500g natural fat free yogurt and she adds a bit of sweetener and vanilla essense.  Then whizzes in a blender.  Voila, pudding ready for eating, you can eat it immediately or pop in freezer to firm up a little.

Right I’m off, places to be, cuppa’s to drink, members to weigh, food to eat.

Have a tremendous Thursday, let’s do this (including me!)

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