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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Do you believe?

3rd January 2018
Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful.
I did it!  I managed a day on track – woo hoo – see you have to believe or you’ll never succeed.   My meals looked like this;

Breakfast egg & roasted cherry tomatoes on toast – 3sp
Turkey pie leftovers with mint sauce gravy – 6sp
Salmon in a maggi garlic paper thing, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic  - 1sp
My meals only cost me 10SP how good is that, just shows you can if you thing about it.

It can be truly tough to believe in yourself, especially if you don’t feel like you’re doing that great, or maybe because you’ve not succeeded in the past you don’t think you can now – that makes being confident in your own abilities really hard work.   It’s one of the most important ingredients in your weight loss journey, you need to have some confidence.  We all fail – trust me, I’ve been doing this job for 13 years, I’ve been losing weight for 30 years, I’ve seen plenty.  I’ve also seen success, so much success and the secret to that success is a belief that you can do it, confidence in yourself and your abilities. 

Social media can be fantastic but it can also be dreadful for making you think everyone is succeeding but you – that’s why I bring the truth into my meetings, I don’t want my members thinking it’s just then that struggles.  Other than the week after Christmas, how often have you seen anyone posting “WOW, check me out, I gained 4lb this week after going on a takeaway bender” or similar – you don’t do ya?  “Woo Hoo, I failed my test”, “YAY, I didn’t get the job!” it’s just not information we share.  We don’t want you to know about or failures our bad news, heck we don’t wanna know about them, we sure as hell don’t wanna relieve them, then have everyone comment on them over and over via Facebook.  

It’s okay not to get it right all the time, it might not feel great but life’s full of stuff that doesn’t feel that good, the secret is to focus on the stuff that does feel good and go with that, work with it.  Hit a brick wall?  Climb over the damn thing.  Struggling to stick to your new Smart Points allowance, ask others how they do it.  Not enough hours in your day to get active, find someone with a similar life to yours and ask if they manage it and how.

Are you thinking about joining AGAIN, but scared of failing AGAIN, are you using the fact you’re skint and paydays weeks away as an excuse?  Well stop it, every person in a Weight Watcher meeting has at some time failed on their weight loss journey, they don’t give up completely, they keep going, they return, they start over because that’s what we do.   Oh and being skint isn’t an excuse either because we have a great 3 for 2 month offer online for meetings and app which is pay nothing the first month, so go get signed up www.weightwatchers.co.uk.

Stop doubting yourself, have faith in your ability, enough of the beating yourself up, the self-deprecation.  How about we start supporting ourselves, start being kind to and taking care of ourselves.  A bit of self-love goes a very long way.  We got this – we can do this.

Still unsure – oh just fake it till you make it, make as many good decisions as you can, shrug it off when you don’t do so well and okay maybe you won’t be that awesome loser who gets 6lb off in their first week, 3lb in their second and then regular loses 1-2lb a week, every week.  You could be that slow, steady, 1lb a week member who ends the year 52lb lighter than they started (that’s almost 4 stone btw), or maybe you will lose 1lb a week most week, gain a pound or two every now and again, or you do a steady average of 2lb a month, you’ll still be 2 stone lighter by the end of the year.

The time will pass anyway so what have you got to lose?  Oh yeah some weight and once you start to see the results continually, it gets easier, it really does because it starts to become a way of life when you take it steady, when you don’t take it too seriously – when you focus on the journey rather than the destination.

Who wants to climb on board my weight loss wagon?  I’m driving it all the way to successville, jump on BeYOUtiful, we’ll enjoy the journey and embrace the detours.

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