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Friday, 19 January 2018

Blessed to see another year - happy birthday to me!

19th January 2018
Anyone can find the dirt in someone, be the one who finds the gold.

It’s my birthday and I sleep if I want to ;) yeah had me a lie in ain’t I cos I don’t have to be at a meeting till tonight.  I do have a shedload of work to do but it’ll wait till I’m awake.  I feel better for having left it when I got home, yesterday’s already a 13 hour day without doing more once I’m home, I just about managed to stop to eat yesterday.

Weight Watchers must realise it’s my birthday because I’ve woke up to see this amazing offer for members to come and join my meeting or for those that pay weekly to upgrade;
What a bargain, 40% off 3 months M+O Flash Sale asset. The Sale runs from Friday 19th to Monday 22nd Jan (incl) so sign up asap, and share the offer across your social media pages, let your friends know and let’s all get Flexing and feeling fantasticThe offer price is £38.61 with Free Reg and is only available to purchase in WW website - it’s not available in meetings, click here www.weightwatchers.com/uk or www.weightwatcherslocal.co.uk if you want to find a local meeting.  Thank you WWers for celebrating my birthday in such a way!

Anyway whilst we’re talking about Flex, oh what successes you’re bringing to the scales, a seriously impressive 250lb was lost on my scales yesterday, that’s insane isn’t it!   It just shows how fabulous it is and I’ve just compared it to last year’s results for my members and we’re smashing those totals.  I’m loving seeing my members do so well.

I’m trying to remember what happened yesterday other than work but it’s all a blur, did I eat?  Oh yeah I tried a banana pancake that you’ve all been raving about but it ended up looking like a banana omelette and I’m sorry but they’re not for me, too sweet for breakfast.  I’ll admit to having a bacon sarnie with my helpers when I got to my meeting, it was instead of birthday cakes, that’s my excuse.  It’s all coming back to me, for lunch we had chicken stuff with Philidelphia, leftover tinned potatoes, carrots and peas.  Then for tea I had chippy, I’m not going to lie, it’s my birthday weekend, I plan to get back to Flexing Monday and take it properly serious from then J

I had small cone of chips and I asked for a donor kebab, she gave me a choice of small or large – of course I opted for small and I struggled to eat it, so what the hell a large would’ve looked like is beyond me, I ate a handful of the chips too.  If I was being a proper Weight Watchers, I’d point the chips as 8sp per handful.   The kebab would’ve been 7sp for the pitta, they’re always larger than shop bought, then I reckon there was about 200g of kebab meat, so if you compare that to lamb breast it’s about 27sp, I only have lemon and mint sauce on mine so I blew 34sp on the pitta and probably 11sp on the chips if I’m being honest.  Proving that if I want to have one of them occasionally on Flex I could.  Obviously to stay on track all weekend I’d not be able to do what I intend to do but you never know your luck we shall see.  I could’ve saved 4sp up daily from Sunday – Wednesday which would have added 16sp to my weeklies giving me more to play with.  This blog http://wwbevsworld.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/maybe-you-fancy-smart-point-chippy.html talks about chippy visits

I think I’d be inclined to make my own fakeaway kebab in future as they really are as good once you add the mince sauce, lemon, salad and pitta.

It’s my birthday and Alfie is stood staring at me wanting a walk, he doesn’t realise see, if he did he wouldn’t care, it’s still dark outside and moms still asleep, I haven’t even had a drink yet cos I forgot to get my glass of water before I sat down. 

Normal working day for me really, paperwork today, meeting tonight, then tomorrow meeting on morning, massage, then my besties coming and we’re escaping for a couple of hours and going off for lager giggles – YAY, we’re thinking of bringing back a curry with us before chilling with mom and we’ll both be asleep by 9, cos we’re middle-aged, overworked and shattered.

Here’s to enjoying the day, lovely sunrise about to happen, stop and enjoy it if you can, if you can’t try to find a little slow in your day, I intend to after the rush of yesterday. 
Mwah BeYOUtiful. xx

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