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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Will you do your bit this year?

26th October 2017
If you have the power to make someone happy, do it.  The world needs more of that. 

A long but good day yesterday, left my house just after half seven to drive to Worcester to cover a meeting and got back just before one, then walked Alfie, cooked a stew, had a big delivery from WW, spent ages on the phone sorting work stuff then went back to my meeting.  Today’s another busy day then Friday morning, I’m not getting out of bed early even if I wake, I’m going to take my book to bed with me and lie and read that for a bit.  Sunday I’m doing absolutely nothing too – roll on Sunday J although I really do enjoy my meetings so I don’t mind the busy at all.

Last night when I arrived at my meeting the vicar’s wife was there with a couple of ladies in the kitchen, she explained that they’d been preparing for a lunch for kids over half term, Yum Tums it’s called. https://www.facebook.com/yumtumsclub/ It’s a completely free half term lunch club aimed at children 3-11 years and their family.  How brilliant is that, https://lisamike.wixsite.com/yumtums when I got chatting to the lady who had organised it all, she explained how she set this up after realised how she wanted to do something to help.  The government issue free meals to children during school time, but what happens at half term!   She’s going to be doing a Christmas meal later in the year and I thought wouldn’t it be great if we could do something to help, how lovely would it be for each child to go away with a ‘Christmas Eve’ box,

Things commonly found in Christmas Eve boxes
  • A family board game to play in the evening
  • A set of pyjamas & slipper they can wear at night and on Christmas morning
  • Some hot chocolate in a festive mug and bubble bath for before bed-time
  • A Christmas film or festive book to read
  • Some Christmassy sweets and chocolate like coins and candy canes
  • Reindeer food
  • A personal letter from Father Christmas reassuring your child they are on the "good list"
  • Christmas Activity pack, colouring books, crayons, scrap book etc
  • A toy or cuddly teddy– there can never be too many at Christmas.

Anything really that we know a child between 3 & 11 would like.  I’m hoping all my members are going to help me out here.  You could get creative and do home-made gifts.  Let’s make as many up as possible, you don’t have to do the entire box even just bring things that could go in the boxes.  No child should go without a good hot meal and no parent should feel bad for struggling to provide them!  If you haven’t got the time for doing this, that’s okay, just pop some pennies in the blue collection tub in my meeting and we’ll do the shopping for you.

It makes me feel dreadful when I know we’re all overeating and trying to lose weight
Also if you know any butchers who’d be willing to donate a Turkey crown, that would be amazing also, I’ve managed to get Penn Road butchers to do just that, so get supporting him and spending money there, https://www.facebook.com/Penn-Road-Butchers-1570997599797501/ tell him I sent you and you never know if enough of you do that, we might get 2 or 3 from him!

Today, let’s be grateful for how fortunate we are, I’ve heard quite a few stories of people’s lives making me grateful for mine and how fortunate I am, when you listen it puts your own life and problems into perspective.

I’m up for a great day, I know it will be because I have the best stew ever on the hob downstairs waiting to be eaten – No Count today I reckon.

Whatever you’re up to, make it a good one BeYOUtiful, we only get one shot at this life, make your days count, don’t count your days. 

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