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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Are you going to make today count?

7th October 2017
It is what it is. It’s not what it should have been, not what it could’ve been, it is what it is.

Today’s the McMillan coffee morning after my meeting at 12, there will be cake there whilst my meetings on too, not forgetting our cooking demo from the very lovely Suman, Bombay potatoes, mmm nom nom. (Meeting is 9am at United Reform Church, Old Fallings Lane, Wolverhampton, WV10 8BH) Hope to see lots of you, even if you’ve been to a meeting this week, you’re welcome to come and watch the demo.

Maybe you haven’t been this week because you’ve not been on track and can’t see the point, well the point is we need to be taking care of ourselves and making ourselves a priority.  I too haven’t been on track, my work/life balance has been dreadful, so it’s time to get some life back into my life; you can’t do a good job if your job is all you do.  I realised the importance of turning my phone to do not disturb yesterday, I’ll be doing that this weekend too, it’s really nice knowing it’s not going to ring!

I’m very lucky in that I love what I do, however today once I’ve had a great meeting with my amazing members, I will be enjoying a massage before heading home to spend time with mom.  I know the kitchen man will be here but I’m hoping this is his last weekend, there’s still walls to paint, floors to tile, but I need to decide what tiles I’m having, I’ve seen a few I like, none of them cheap, which is why the decision needs to be the right one.

I’m really looking forward to getting all my stuff out of my shed and putting it all back in its rightful place in the kitchen, then I can get back to cooking delicious meals and spending my Sunday mornings in there which is one of my most favourite things to do.  Listening to the radio, flicking through the Sunday paper magazines, then cooking something tasty.  Oh I’ve missed that.

I need smaller plates too, ones that fit in the wall cupboard above the sink as that’s where I want them to be, 24cm I think I measured it as.  The other beauty of buying smaller plates of course will be smaller portions, that’s always going to be a no-brainer for helping get good weight loss results.

I don’t need to think about cooking this weekend though as my sisters on the case for me, so I’m gonna rest up, get some fresh air in my lungs walking with Alfie and generally relax with mom.

Whatever you’re up to, enjoy yourselves BeYOUtiful, we only get one life as I was reminded yesterday when the world lost one of my Happy Owls, spend it smiling like he did. xx

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