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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Getting the balance back.

29th October 2017
It’s okay to fall down and lose your spark, as long as when you get back up, it’s like a big bright fire.

Have you put your clocks back?  I woke at 5.15, so 4.15 with the change, fully recharged though as we went to bed at 8pm, love doing that on a Saturday night, means I’ve got double dose of XFactor to watch later, yep I’m its one last viewer!

Off to cinema later, that’s if my bestie ain’t too tired to drive over, either way I’m not doing a fat lot of anything today, I’ll have another look for my glasses, I have no idea where they’ve gone, I even emptied the bin to try and find, no joy.

We all need down time, it’s too easy to get tied up in working and forget how important it is to get some balance, yes I need to have a productive work life but I also need to have an actual life.  I’ve got a busy month ahead of me as I’m going to be in Leominster on a Monday night for four weeks, so it’s even more important for me to chill out today as I’m adding at least 6 hours to my already busy working week for the foreseeable.

That’s another reason I spent yesterday afternoon in front of the TV, we watched Snatched the new comedy movie on Sky rental, it was funny but not hilarious.  If you spend all your time working, you’re not giving your mind the creative break it needs, taking time for yourself and your family gives your brain a chance to rest from work pressures.

I’ve read stuff about how to ensure that balance, some suggest keeping a schedule, but I just find that even more to do and added pressure.  Some days I like to sit staring at my computer screen and taking 3 hours to do what I can usually do in an hour because doing it that way is less stressful for me, yes I know it eats up 2 hours extra but I’d only spend those two hours getting over my hour of busy if that makes sense.  If it doesn’t, that’s okay, it makes sense in my world.

It’s like I spend half hour looking for ideas on pinterest, I find that relaxing too, it distracts my brain, gives me food for thought and helps me come up with meal ideas when I do cook.  Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time!  That’s one of my favourite sayings, what are some of the things you enjoy wasting time on, mine include candy crush, watching rubbish tv, pottering about in my kitchen, I can take 3 hours cooking a meal, I could’ve cooked in half hour!  Yeah I like to waste my time a lot.

Today I plan to waste my morning away, I don’t need a schedule, my house gets cleaned when the mood takes me, my laundry gets down when I have a load and can face it, my kitchen will get painted when I can be bothered.  It’s just not important, any of it, what’s important is giggling with my friends, having a cuddle with my mom and a natter when I take her that morning coffee, enjoying listening to my Sunday morning radio and making sure Alfie gets his walk, when he’s ready to go!  Those are the things that are important.  

I’m fortunate that I love my work too, because I get to spend all those important hours doing something I enjoy, it’s a long time to spend doing something you don’t enjoy. 

Right I’m off as I need a cuppa, need to take some chicken sausages (Penn Road ones rock) out of the freezer, thinking of making sausage and mash with onion gravy for dinner later, mom will enjoy that.

Here’s to enjoying your day, remember you have that extra hour, what you going to do with it BeYOUtiful?  If your answer is sleep – that’s okay too, no wrong answers here today. xx

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