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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Let's do it...

5th October 2017
It doesn’t matter what others are doing it matters what you are doing.

It’s fantastic when a member cooks me my tea, but when she cooks in the meeting for everyone – well that’s just amazing!  We were treated to chick pea curry last night by the wonderful Suman and she’s going to do another demonstration at my Saturday morning meeting but this time Bombay potatoes.  Suman’s raising money this Saturday with her coffee morning for McMillan, so please do come along to support her, it’s from 12 but she will be there for my meeting to cook and the cakes will be there for the taking then too. (Meeting is 9am at United Reform Church
Old Fallings Lane, Wolverhampton, WV10 8BH)

That was my tea sorted, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t point it, nor the cheese and potato pie I’d had for lunch although neither would have been bad on points, I was just super busy working on a project in my office and helping my colleagues/members.

I used the protein cheese for the pie and just topped it with some cathedral city light so it had a crispy tasty top – it was delicious and served with Weight Watchers spaghetti worked a treat.

Another busy day, it’ll all calm down this weekend and I can breathe and start to sort out my kitchen on Monday, he’ll be in there doing kitchen stuff again.  I’m prepared for that too, I’ve got my online shop coming today and I’ve asked my lovely sister to cook for us, she’s going to make moms favourite lamb casserole and a lamb dinner for Sunday.  Not the lowest meat on points but everything in moderation don’t forget!

I’m doing alright at the moment, I felt good in changing rooms on Monday, that’s a great start, now to feel comfortable in the trousers I bought and not just have them ‘fit’, a few more pounds and that’ll be the case.

Great results in the meetings again last night, it started with awesome losses, 5lb for Natalie in her first week and she’d had a full on Sunday Roast at the mother in laws, Kathleen went back to basics and lost 7lb, then the lovely Margaret achieved her goal having lost 50lb, proving ill health and getting older doesn’t have to stop you getting there.  Sharon lost 3lbs off making 13 1/2lbs in 4 weeks and achieving her 5% but her better prize was realising her wedding ring fits again.   Of course that’s just a handful of success from last night in what was a wonderful meeting.

On of my highlights of my day though was getting a message from member telling me she'd faced her phobia of peas, I know how bad that phobia was and the strength it took for her to put some on her plate, some of you may think a phobia of peas is silly and irrational but most phobias are if you think about it!  However I know why she has the fear and I'm super impressed she felt the fear and did it anyway.

Anyway I need to get this day started, five meetings and lots of other stuff to do, here’s to a good one, staying on track and resisting temptation – you with me BeYOUtiful?

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