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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Going to just be Bev today...

8th October 2017
When things don’t happen right away, just remember it takes 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce and 13 hours to build a Toyota.
We raised an amazing £638.60 for McMillan with our raffle in my meetings, a huge thank you to everyone who bought a ticket, just wow, Suman who held her coffee morning yesterday also did us a cooking demo beforehand, Bombay potatoes, they were lush and to make them easy and doable in a half hour meeting, she used tinned potatoes and you wouldn’t have known!  Oh and Su raised an incredible £1,272.94 how amazing was that!

Obviously she was making it for a lot of people so used 6 large tins of potatoes, but you can downscale the ingredients or why not make a huge batch and freeze it.  Also as Su and Harj always say, you adjust the spices to suit your flavour, so I wouldn’t be putting in as many chilli’s as they do, yesterday she used 4, normally she’s use two or three times that amount, I’d use 1 ;) lightweight I am.

Bombay Potatoes

Dry fry 2tsp cumin, then add 1tbsp oil, followed by diced ginger (thumb size piece) and diced chilli (depends how hot you want it!). 

Next she grabbed and added a couple of handfuls of dried curry leaves, stirring then added 2tsp turmeric, 1tsp paprika, 4-5tsp salt (depending on your tastebuds).

At this point she added a little water to loosen, then added 1 tin chopped tomatoes which had been pureed I think.  Next the potatoes were thrown in and it was all cooked through, Su added a little more water because she likes a runnier consistency, but again down to personal taste.

She put a bit of channa powder in too.

The results were lush, she’d even made us the breads to wrap it in.

Need a trip to my local Asian store I think…

Now where my eating is concerned, I’ve not been great this week and the scales have added a pound on to remind me to pack it in and sort myself out and that’s what I intend to do.   No I had planned to have chocolate brownie (Su’s son’s speciality – amazing may I add) with ice cream but wasn’t hungry so we’re going to have it today.  Today will mostly consist of a lamb dinner thanks to my sister and that pudding, then I’ll not really eat much else and it’s all back to being on track and healthy, I’m going to be eating fruit and making soups and enjoying being healthy. 

I’m using this weekend to ground myself after what has been a crazy busy month and a half since getting the mentor champ role but now it’s all going to calm down a little and I’ll get some work/life balance back – I’m going to make sure I do!   I’m aware I’ve been all consumed by it all but it has been a new role and there have been other extenuating circumstances too that have caused me to do more than the 6 hours the role allows.  Then on top of all that we’ve had workmen coming and going and all that upheaval, it’s all stressful to some degree whether you realise or not.

So today’s Sunday, a none working day for me and will be treated as such because I do need to recharge.  I’m actually going to read those weekend papers I buy for mom, enjoy a coffee, listen to my audio book whilst I walk Alfie and enjoy being Bev not Bev the Coach or Bev the Mentor Champ.  I think my besties popping over too so that’ll make my day complete.

On that note, I’m off to start on my day of rest, whatever you have planned – enjoy it BeYOUtiful. xx

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