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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Sunday's for working this week!

22nd October 2017
Self-discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts.  If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do.

We had a lovely lazy afternoon yesterday, watching a couple of movies, Coyote Ugly which I hadn’t seen for years and loved and Dirty Dancing which I’ve probably seen to many times but still enjoyed.  Yesterday was a good day and I was in bed by 8 which I’m grateful for now as I’m at a training day all day today and have a busy week ahead of my next week, my own 12 meetings and covering on in Malvern on Wednesday morning so that leaves me tomorrow to get all my house work and own stuff done. 

Yesterday was a good day but if you find yourself having a bad day or even if you’re having a good day but fancy taking some time out for you, here’s a list of ‘Self Care’ things you could do to make it a little better.

1)         Take a bubble bath

2)         Read a good book

3)         Read a personal development book

4)         Read a magazine

5)         Listen to music

6)         Dance round the kitchen

7)         Write a gratitude list

8)         Play with your pet

9)         Do some guided meditation

10)      Lie and watch the clouds and/or stars

11)      Take a few deep breaths

12)      Unfollow negative folk on Facebook

13)      Turn the technology off for a while & have some quiet time

14)      Have a snooze

15)      Watch some comedy

16)      Stay in your PJs all day

17)      Declutter a drawer or more

18)      Journal

Do something that’s just for you, something you enjoy doing.  We looked at hobbies in the meeting this week and I’ve heard some interesting ones, what do you do that’s just for you?  I enjoy listening to audio books, I really enjoy listening to the radio, love Sunday morning radio, starting with the Sunday Hour, nope I have no religion but I do love singing along to the hymns and listening to the chat, I enjoy walking Alfie when he can be bothered to do a decent walk.  I’ve had many hobbies over the years, crafting stuff and outdoors, I’m looking for something to fill my time again, although I don’t actually have much.  Cooking of course is a pleasure and diy has been on the agenda, although calling it a hobby would be stretching it a little.  Time to get my knitting out again and next year hopefully I’ll get back in the garden and sort that out.

Anyway today I will mostly be spending time with my colleagues and learning new stuff, so here’s to a good day, I hear they’re feeding us healthy food too so that’s a bonus! 

Yesterday was all about the fish finger sandwich

Tomorrow will be all about enjoying some time at home before a full on week!  Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful…

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