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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

If not now.... then when?

10th October 2017
Stay patient and trust your journey

Just went to check the nutritional information in my lunch yesterday on the Beefeater website and it says – tbc!  Helpful – NOT!  I chose a BLT salad which was as it sounds, chopped up bacon with a lot of lettuce and a few cherry tomatoes, topped with a Topped with a poached egg and croutons.  I left the croutons, not a fan of greasy fried bread if I’m honest.  There was some kind of vinaigrette dressing on there too, so maximum without croutons, I’d guesstimate 8 Smart Points, not bad.  Then when I got home I had lamb hotpot my sister had made for me, if I use the app as a guildline, I’m putting 14, luckily there was no bread in my house so I couldn’t have loads of that with it!

A busy day but managed to stay on track, home by 7 and we both had an early night, although that has resulted in being awake at silly o’clock but at least I’m not tired. 

I never did have those eggs for my breakfast yesterday, I’ve got a pack of out of date crumpets, if I can salvage them that’s what I’ll have for breakfast.  I left mom two skinny wraps with cheese in for her lunch yesterday, when I got back they were still on the side, “I’m not eating them, I don’t know what they are and they look and feel all wrong”, well that was me told and I have to agree, they didn’t look very appealing, the skips and doughnut had gone though!  Which brings me back to something someone said yesterday, if you give a child a choice of whether they want a bar or an apple, even at a very young age they’re likely to choose the bar because it’s sweeter, the solution – don’t give them the choice!  If all that’s on offer is fruit, they get used to eating fruit, even at my age I could change my habits and start eating more fruit - we’re all capable of change.

I’m going to go and roast the veggies in the fridge, if they’re not completely minging, they’re out of date too, then I’m going to whizz them into a soup, I need more soup in my life.  I’m thinking it’s a great way to get lentils and beans into my life, I know they’re really good for me, so I need to be eating them, the beauty of soup is you can whizz the lot up so it’s disguised.  My herbs and spices are back in the kitchen too, they’re not on a rack yet but I can sort through the box they’re in to get what I need.

I’m going to go and put the 3rd coat on my worktops, then they can be fitted in place when he can get here, he’s working ridiculous hours too and I can manage as I am for a little longer.  I’ve got ready meals coming today – it’s all good.  Nat was raving about the Weight Watchers chicken and lemon risotto yesterday, I’m not looking forward to trying that.

Oh I got ‘officially’ weighed yesterday and had lost 1lb since my last official one, chuffed with that, it had been in September.  As long as it isn’t going up month on month I’m happy.

Right, let’s get this day started, those worktops painted and get off to see my BeYOUtiful members.  Here’s to a day of great results!

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