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Saturday, 28 October 2017

It's Saturday in case you weren't sure!

28th October 2017
It takes courage to accept ourselves as we are.  Be Courageous!

Not only did Alfie wake me up an hour before my alarm, I thought it was Sunday, not the best way to start your day!   I’m over it now though, sat here with my cuppa, I’ve used that extra half hour to do the washing up and oiled one of my kitchen worktops – productive ain’t I.

I had a lovely day yesterday, stew for breakfast (yep I did!) then I pottered about, did a bit of washing, cleaned my kitchen, sorted a little of the stuff in the shed (only a little), just messed about really.  Then had a lovely bath, followed by a cracking meeting last night – love Friday nights, so chilled and relaxed, I even came away with an awesome gift, an amazing big mug, I’m quite fussy about my mugs and this one is not only the perfect size and shape, it has “your vibe attracts your tribe” written on it – I so love that. 

I’ve really had a fab week in all my meetings, we’ve been helping in other, I plan to share some of that info in my group tomorrow, but need to get my week done first and we have one meeting left, so if you’ve missed yours this week come along this morning, I guarantee you it’ll be worth it and you’ll go away refocused and ready for weight loss. 

Oh I’ve lost my glasses – where would I have took them off!  I had them yesterday morning, they’d disappeared by lunchtime, there somewhere in my house or shed – good job I took advantage of the buy 1, get one half price offer or I’d be a little bit unable to see the ipads this morning without holding them a good 2 foot away ;)

My sister cooked the stewing steak from the £35 pack we had from Penn Road butcher, she put it in the slow cooker with onion gravy and said it was amazing.  I’m glad I had that offer, it’s all been delicious, the chicken breasts were huge , don’t forget if you order £15 from him he delivers, and mention me because we’re trying to get Turkey crowns from him for the Yum Tums Christmas meal https://www.facebook.com/Penn-Road-Butchers-1570997599797501/

I fancy a really good cottage pie, so need to order from him again, it’ll probably be Tuesday now as my freezer is full so if I’m to order £15 or more, I’ll need to be using it and I want to use some of what I have in my fridge already.

Right I’m off to have a look for my glasses, they could be anywhere couldn’t they…

Here’s to a good day, I’ve got a ready meal kind of day I reckon, I do fancy beans on toast though, oh I might have that for breakfast, yeah I’ve got time after all thanks to Alfie. 

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, love your tribe and don’t delay – do stuff today…

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