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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Success breeds success!

4th October 2017
Be a voice, not an echo

When alfie wants his walk, everything else waits, hence my late Blog. Better late than never though.

We had incredible results in my meeting yesterday, Members losing up to 9lb in their first week, whilst others reached milestones including 25lb certificates. Almost a hundred pound lost in total, proving the plan really does work when followed. I heard so many say they hadn’t followed it 100% either and still got a loss.  This is proof we can all do it!

It’s nippy out here this morning, my fingers are cold as I’m typing and walking. Cheese and potato pie on the menu today but instead of baked beans I think we’ll have it with Weight Watchers spaghetti, I’m sure there’s a tin in the cupboard and whilst I think about it, I’ll add another one to my online shop.

My crumplette went down well yesterday! It was really filling, I had half and Mom had the rest for her lunch with beans.

For lunch I had corn on the cob as I realised you can’t make a slow cooker meal if you don’t have more ingredients than frozen chicken!

I roasted the bag of butternut squash then because I haven’t had time to put my stuff back in kitchen I couldn’t find my masher so used a folk and made a soup of sorts. It tasted good anyway and that’s all that matters I guess.

I’m super busy this week, it will calm soon and normality (yeah right) will be restored!

DAMN!  Just got back from walk and my fitbit is still plugged in charging, so that’s valuable steps not showing up, I’ve been out an hour too, he was in the mood for sure this morning.

Right I’m going to do a decent shop this week, I want some of those stew packs or I need onions and carrots so I can make a chicken hotpot, just fancy that actually, might nip over the Co-op and get some or I’ll cadge some off my sister.

I need to get on and start my day, so much to do before Saturday, busy, busy, busy. 

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